Upgrade The Rock, Crimson Tide or Con Air to BD for $9.99


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Sep 14, 2007
Fishers, IN
I just got my copy of The Rock on BD from Amazon and there's a form in it that you can use for any of these three movies. If you already own the DVD version you can send the receipt, etc from the BD you just bought along with the UPC from the DVD and get a $10 rebate. If you paid $19.99 on Amazon like I did, that would make the BD actually have a net cost of $9.99.... more studios should do this!


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Supporting Founder
Jan 12, 2005
it stinks that its just on these movies. I have gone in 60seconds on dvd that i need to replace with blu-ray and it would be nice if they came out with something like this for all disney titles.

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