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Note that no channel is on that list that is a "cable channel" (what is being called "national" in these threads).

Anyone who has two brain cells, and works for a profit-making corporation, is going to prioritize providing the above programming in HD to their customers, rather than focusing on "Spike-HD"...

Here, here!:up
Rumor has it ESPNNews HD has replaced WFN as one of the "temp" engineering channels. Also, USAHD and SciFiHD have been mirrored to a transponder on 61.5 (most likely for eastern arc use), just like the original mpeg2 HD on 110w had been mirrored to 61.5 recently. There is no video on the new USA and SciFi channels, just slates (video feed is a constant 2mbit).

Also another rumor is Toon Disney HD has replaced Mojo HD, which was on one of the other "temp" channels.
Oh yes they are.

Here are the Nielsen ratings for cable programming:

So, from that list we see that most of the top cable shows are sports on TNT and ESPN, which E* already had in HD, and then USA-HD, which was held up in negotiations, but now has been added.

Everything else that E* is missing in HD that gets high ratings are programming on Disney and Nickolodeon, which IIRC is not yet shown in HD.

Nice kstuart, nice!!

OK April is almost over. It's time to get serious and start sacrificing virgins to the Dish National HD gods. Any volunteers*?

Talon Dancer

* you don't actually have to be a true virgin as long as you can put up a really big fuss, which shouldn't be a problem given the posts I've read in this thread so far. :rolleyes:
I can not do it because I sacrificed for SCIFIHD and USAHD (PS I am not really a [virgin] but it worked shh lets keep it quiet)
Thanks bro. I wondered who gave their.. .err.... ALL, for SciFi HD and USA HD :)

But that ain't gonna be nearly enough for us to get the rest of the HD Nationals on the list. We're gonna need a whole bunch more volunteers who can squeal like pigs and complain like harpies from hell. I wonder where we can find them? :rolleyes:

Talon Dancer
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Ok who offered up James Long?

Geesh we don't want to piss off the HD Gods folks... take him back! :D :D :D
And here i thought J L was the perfect sacrifice. Think of how it would cheer the hearts of so many* in the satellite community :cool:

Talon Dancer

* Note: i already have all the HD I really really want, so I'd gladly piss off the Dish HD Gods for this worthy cause :)
The channel I want the most is my RSN. That would be the next biggest source of programing that I'd regularly watch. I also wouldn't mind the alternate Cinemax channels in HD, but that'd just be a nice bonus.
I could totally see the shopping channels offering an HD channel. I'd hate for it to be added before others, but also wouldn't be surprised if it happened.
I'll partially recant... HD Channels that actually show HD that D* has that E* does not:

My wife and I signed up for Dish about 18 months ago because our phone company paid for it in a nice little package. I recently purchased an HDTV set and have the unique opportunity to pick my provider without worrying about cancelation fees etc. Almost every other day in the mail I am getting flyers from both Time Warner and Direct TV.

The majority of families when making a decision will look at these flyers and see that Direct TV (or even cable) has more of the channels they watch in HD than Dish. The don't know what MPEG2 vs. MPEG 4 means. They don't know what stretch-o-vision is. They have no idea what the Eastern Arc is. They don't understand that some shows are HD and some are not. The company with the most channel logo's on their flyers wins. Period. Dish will continue to have trouble attracting new customers and will continue to have defects until they figure out a way to be more competitive. Not competitive in the eyes of "in-the-know" subscribers like us, but competive in the eyes of Susy Soccer Mom whom control the budget in most househoulds.

Some have said that Dish only has a few channels less than Direct TV and that is OK. A business should strive to be better than their competitors, not just hope that they are close to even with them.

My Two and a half cents,

Let's cut all the revisionist history BS. I love this site and what Scott offers all the readers! I love the predictions and I hope that Scott does not quit feeding us rumors just because he doesn't want to get flamed by pissed off people when they don't come true.

But let's be real. We all know that Scott was talking about National HD when he talked about the "by May 1st additions". Don't rewrite it now to well they did add a lot of HD (LIL HD) that must have been what E* and Scott were talking about. We know better.

We need to just admit that this prediction (rumor was wrong this time). Not the first time won't be the last. It didn't turn out the way we had hoped. It is what it is. Just don't rewrite the stuff to make excuses.




Yuma Locals

I See My Locals Have Been Uplinked And I Was Wondering If Anybody Can Answer A Couple Of Questions I Have, Since Nobody At E* Can Even Understand My Question Let Alone Answer It. (2 Attempts With Csr By Phone One Online Same Result.) How Long Does It Usually Take From The Time A Station Is Uplinked Until I Will See It? Since All My Local Stations Are Broadcasting Ota In Hd Why Was The Uplink In Sd.

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