Using time warner cable, modem reseting randomly when using any online game or heavy usage of the mo (1 Viewer)


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Aug 24, 2011
North Carolina
Forward path
Signal Acquired at 543.000 MHz
SNR; 37.2 dB
Recieved Signal Strength: -3.3 dBmV
Bit error rate: 0.000%

Return path
Frequency: 25.00 Mhz
Power level: 46.5

My ping is about 30ms from where I live in North Carolina to New York with a 30/ mbs download speed on ping test...It started about a week ago called time warner there coming out tommorrow but I want to play online games now :mad: they said I was either having high packet loss or it was a cable recieving too much outside (noise) is the term they used. But I ran a 24 hour packet loss test thing and I had 0-2% packet loss at its highest during the whole test. Some help would be appreciated if you need any more information let me know!

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