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Sep 17, 2007
I just bought a Toshiba Regza 42RV530U and I'd like to control the DirecTV receiver (H21) with the TV's remote. But the Toshiba manual doesn't list DirecTV in its remote codes. Does anyone know what to use? It seems that everything on the web is info on how to control other devices with the DirecTV remote.

BTW, in case you're curious the reason I want to use the TV remote is two-fold. First, I want to be able to control the aspect ration/picture size on the TV, but I can only figure out how to change the signal via the DirecTV remote. Secondly, when I want to change the TV input, I have to press the Input button repeatedly on the DirecTV remote as opposed to pressing it once and then pressing the particular number I want.



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Dec 12, 2003
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Guess what? If Toshiba dosen't have a code listed they don't have a code stored on the remotes chip. You get to use 2 remotes or have the slight inconvience of using the D* remote.


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Nov 16, 2005
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So far the only oem remotes with a preset code for the current line of directv receivers are only made by UEI, the same company that makes the white directv remotes, and if it were made by UEI the code would either be 1377 or 01377.

There may be a another reason you can't use directv remote for the Regza, many regzas won't respond to the volume commands from the toshiba tv codes preset into ALL white directv remotes, reason is the white remotes add an extra signal to each volume press, making the volume command unrecognizable to the toshibas. You can't turn off this extra signal, and new codes in newer white remotes would have this problem too.

The white remotes didn't change, its the toshiba that become very sensitive to the commands they accept.
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