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Jul 29, 2011
This seems to have settled my concerns with uverse, but can anyone verify that what he says below is in fact correct? I have had a few people on the chat tell me all sorts of things trying to "sell" me.

Nehemiah S.: Hello! How may I assist you today?
you: I have 1 hd tv and two regular tvs along with a pc right now. I want to add a laptop and maybe a game system to the mix too, but am concerned about the about of feeds I can use at one time.
you: I want to make sure using a game system or internet will not prevent me from recording or how many shows I can record at the same time.
Nehemiah S.: Using the Internet or gaming system will not affect you from recording or the limit of shows you can record.
you: How many streams are there that can be used at one time?
Nehemiah S.: We recommend not to have more than 10 devices connect at once.
Nehemiah S.: Just to inform you, your storage for recording shows is setup on your receiver so it will not have anything to do with your Internet.
you: So it is possible to record 4 shows at once while using a game system and the internet if all are using uverse?
Nehemiah S.: Yes you are able to record 4 shows at once while using the Internet.
you: I understand the storage isn't on the internet, but I have heard that the bandwidth can be tied up by one device and require the other devices to choose another program or the whole system can lock up
Nehemiah S.: AT&T U-verse uses different technology than traditional cable or satellite TV network. AT&T uses the power of advanced fiber technology to send your TV programs and video over high-speed Internet lines. Unlike traditional cable or satellite (where all available content constantly flows downstream to each customer and has to be switched at the set top box), the U-verse video network only delivers the information that you are requesting, freeing up the stream to also deliver high quality and fast High Speed Internet choices and our U-verse Voice services.
at first read the last part seems settling though a bit of a slaes pitch. On second glance though it doesn't fully help as if I am running a game system and internet with recording aren't I requesting all that data any way. Really unsure if this is the right way for me to go.

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