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Hello. I couldn't reply to this thread so I opened a new one. Venture Actuator Limit Switch Adjustment

It didn't make sense that Venture wouldn't provide a way to seal the cable opening. So after I received my two new Venture actuators today I had a look. Well it turns out the strain relief plug is turned inside out to prevent it getting damaged during shipping. It's only plastic after all. So before you install the actuator you have to take it out and turn it around so it faces out.

I copied a pic from the earlier thread to show you. And inside the body of the wiring compartment is several rubber grommets with various hole sizes and shapes to seal the cable opening in the strain relief plug. You have to slide the rubber grommet over the cable then that gets put into the hole in the plastic strain relief plug. Then tighten the plastic outside nut down by hand and it should clamp down over the cable and provide a good seal.

Hopefully this might help prevent stuff getting into the wiring area and causing problems. I was surprised to see nothing mentioned about it anywhere in the Venture docs.



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