VIP222K..same program on 2 TV's (1 Viewer)


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Nov 25, 2009
Olive Branch, MS
We have a VIP222K receiver in our bedroom...tv1 is our TV (HDMI) and tv2 is in our daughters room. Our son tends to watch tv in our room, but we'd like to send the signal to his room, but cannot figure out how. His tv does not have rca inputs or hdmi input, just a older tv with coax input, that we had laying around.

The short question is, how can I hook up both tv's to watch the same channel?

Your help/input is greatly appreciated.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rick Ruth

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Jan 22, 2009
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You may have to set up the modulator for TV1. (Mine was not set up by the tech who did the install.) Menu 6-1-5 will do the trick. To avoid any potential interference with TV2's signal, choose a channel number for TV1's signal that is at least 2 channels on either side of the channel TV2 is modulated to. For example, if TV2's signal is modulated to channel 73, choose channel 76 as the channel to modulate TV1's signal to.

Don't worry. The signal will still go to your TV via the HDMI port, while simultaneously going to your son's TV via the coax port. By distributing coax throughout your house in the same the way the cable company does, any TV connected to the coax can view the TV1 or the TV2 signal. With additional wireless remotes, this setup is quite convenient!

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