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Does anybody know the size and connector type for the internal fan? I'd like to replace it with something quieter.

I can't get into the unit right now to take a look. IIRC, it looked like a 40mm. But, I don't wanna take a chance on ordering the wrong one. Plus, I don't remember what type of connector it had.



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Jul 14, 2009
No clue on the spec of the fan, but I can tell you it's a multi speed fan, and it's voiding the warranty. Including the DHPP warranty regardless of if you own it, or not. If it's a leased receiver it's a sure way to guarantee you will own it. You should not be able to hear it running unless you get very close to the receiver. If it's screaming loud all the time then there is either an issue with the receiver, or there is a ventilation issue with its location. The only time they should be loud is during a reboot.

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Dec 21, 2010
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The only time you should hear that fan running is when it first begins the reboot process or if it is overheating. That's the only time I hear my fan running. You might check the temperature on the receiver in the Diagnostics screen under Counters. It will give you 3 different temperatures, 140 degrees being the highest before it will affect the operation of your receiver. Make sure the receiver has ample ventilation. If you need further assistance, please PM me. Thanks.


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It's a noisy fan, even when running "slow". Most cheap case fans get noisier as they age. This one seems to be no exception. I'll crack it open again, and take a look. I'm sure I can find a suitable replacement.

I'm not too concerned about voiding the warranty on this privately-owned, three-year-old DVR.


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FWIW - I replaced the original 612 fan with a Vantec "Stealth" 60mm x 25mm fan. It is virtually inaudible. You could keep the updates set at 3am, and it wouldn't wake a fly.
The new fan has a 3-pin connector. But, it fits fine on the 2-pin terminal on the board. Just line up the black and red wires to the proper pins.

Link to new fan.

Attached is a PDF spec sheet for the original factory fan.


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My 722 fan recently failed, and I replaced it with a 60x60x? metal fan. I don't remember it being only 25mm thick, though.

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