Voom and Comcast HD


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Apr 18, 2004
My wife and I are purchasing a home in Knoxville, TN soon. The provider there is Comcast.

Currently our area is served by Charter, so we subscribe to DirecTV to supplement our Voom lineup.

When we move, I intend to eliminate D* and install Comcast's HD box to augment both the standard and high definition lineup of the Voom (I could never ditch Voom, it's amazing and you folks have been instrumental in my success with the product).

What I would like are some opinions on Comcast's HD performance. Voom is king, but the wife still wants some standard programming....so why not try Comcast HD and get a few extra HD's?

Thanks folks.
I like Comcast because it has a Firewire output, but is expensive to get all HD channels depending on area. You may get InHD & InHD2. I think the lineup is screwy and guide is crappy, but the content is there for SD (which I avoid). It all varies by area but you should be able to get lineup for new area code on the net.

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