Voom Pitches HD Nets

lilyarbie said:
I work for a living as an Electronics Associate in Wal-mart. Daily I'm barraged with Wal-mart TV showing everything from music artists to movies to everyday items in a 15 minute loop 24/7. Anyways, I hear "Voom HD Originals" and happen to look up at the television screens to see a preview of Equator HD. The commercial itself is maybe about 2 minutes in length, but it shows the great lengths that they are going to advertise their programming package. At the very end of the commercial, it says "contact your local cable or satellite provider for more details."
Great lenghts....just commercials at Wal-Mart. Why not on national TV?
Let's face it. While Charlie and son James were spending the family fortune on opposite sides Time Warner created a VOOM of their own with INHD1 & INHD2. Add to that a package with HBO, SHOW, Universal, HDNET and HDNET Movies and you've got a pretty good HD package. I miss the 11 channels of VOOM movies. No matter how bad the selection you could always find 1 or 2 that were entertaining. They've got to beef up the programming to compete.
For goodness' sake!

We need an HD news channel, DAMMIT! The bbc, CNN, and FOXnews need to get on the ball...
optimusprime said:
We need an HD news channel, DAMMIT! The bbc, CNN, and FOXnews need to get on the ball...
I used to watch HDNews a lot more often before our local CBS O&O (Washington DC) went HD with their News9 in May. Now I rarely watch HDNews and my viewing of the cable news networks has drastically dropped as well. Currently, the CBS Denver O&O broadcasts their news in HD and it has been rumored that CBS is wanting all O&O's to broadcast their News in HD by 2007. I'm not sure if you live near a CBS O&O, but it may be worth looking at.
Weather news and sports on Voom

There is a HD news, weather and sports channel in the voom package off of 129, the 2D CG looks great. But its akin to a low budget CNN, and not nearly as interesting. But hey! Its in HD! :)
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I see VOOM made it to Honolulu! Great! :)

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