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Feb 4, 2004
Hi all. I admit it. I was a knee-jerk VOOM deserter. Within after 24hrs of having an awful installation experience, I called VOOM and cancelled. I received a prompt refund of my $800 and I have been running Dish since then. No HD.. :(

My cousin VewDew stuck with VOOM and now is reaping the rewards of the added channels. Now that VOOM has no upfront costs and what appears to be a kick-ace DVR on the horizon, that would be enough to sway me back.

Do I get tried for treason, or can I re-up in the VOOM community? :)


P.S. How do you like my Avatar? :D
I wouldn't recommend that you pull the trigger again unless you are willing to stick with VOOM for at least a month or two, despite it's problems.

The installs and cancellations (kneejerk or not) will only help to put VOOM out of business. The service still has a number of issues and quirks (most related to the STB and unpeaked installs), so make sure you know what you're getting into. You might want to wait for more feedback on the new software update, which will be delivered to customers over the next week. If you can tolerate the box's limitations, the actual HD programming is great.

I would not expect the DVR before late summer, and that may be optimistic.

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