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When I found that Voom grabs the broadcast networks OTA (over the air)
I asked myself, "how hard could it be?"

One UHF antenna (clamped to a pipe on the roof and held in place with
guidewire), 50 feet of cable and a Samsung Tuner (from ebay) later I
am watching CBS (2), NBC (4), WB (5), ABC (7), KCAL (9), FOX (11), UPN
(13), and two gorgeous PBS stations (28 & 50) in High Def for FREE!
Well, technically all the rigging cost about $200, but there's no
monthly payments.

The drawbacks are recording, but since there aren't any HD recorders
available yet (except TIVO for Dish) that problem sits on the back
burner. I get high quality VHS recording, but the tuner has to be set
that station (can't watch one thing and record another).

The amazing thing is nobody one store sells all the parts (at least
not that I know of). No wonder HD isn't taking off like gangbusters.


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