VOOM for Beginners?


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Jun 16, 2004
What the hell? I had my VOOM installed two weeks ago by some jackass who didn't know what the hell he was doing. He sold me a "J" mount for $135 to install the dish on the back of my roof (pointing the dish into the peak of the roof) when the direction of the angle was towards the front of the house. Well...I'm only getting 70% signal and unwatchable pixelation. He told me to call VOOM and deal with it! What! I called VOOM and they said they'll send someone out in two weeks. Does this sound like a well organized group? :mad:

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Feb 15, 2004
Centennial, Colorado
jkim325426--Welcome to the forum. Your experience so far hasn't been too good, but sounds like it could be fixed by relocating the dish to get better line of sight. Sounds like you are the victim of an installer who just wanted to get a signal--and then get out.

The installations and service calls are sub-contracted, so these are the same people who would work on any other satellite system. A lot of people with a bad experience have gotten some wonderful help and escalation by e-mailing Voom's VP of Engineering, Mr. Wilt Hildenbrand. E-mail address is wilth@optonline.net. No promises, but he may be able to get someone out to relocate the dish sooner than 2 weeks.

Once you get a signal in the 90's, you'll be glad that you're a Voomer. You should also tell Wilt about the 'special' J mount at $135. That doesn't seem right. Good luck.

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