Voom Guide inconsistancies


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Mar 15, 2004
This is my major beef with Voom. (this is a small one but it is what it is)

I don't know about everybody else but I use the remote functions when scrolling through the guide. (i.e. While watching (full screen), I use the green button to see only the HD programming that is showing currently).

There have been many occasions that a show/movie is being broadcasted in HD that the guide hasn't designated as HD and it skips over it (thus not showing it as an option). (i.e. the Showtime fight, Reign of Fire (on Starz), and others)

Is this just me or are others bugged by this?

reign of fire on starz was not true hd it was an upconvert, thats why it didnt show up as hd, i dont know about the fight
The guide data comes from zap2it. VOOM has no control over it. Zap2it has been known to provide wrong information on movies playing or not designating programs to be HD or live. Look at this thread on how to complaint to them:


As neo0285 said, if Starz-HD does not designate the movie with HD then it is not a "true HD" movie.

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