VOOM should have OnDemand like programming


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Jan 5, 2004
I just left Anapolis, MD where my brother has Comcast. Comcast has OnDemand which I thought was totally cool. He was able to access over 100 movies, free ones that were from HBO, Show, etc. for free, as well as pay perview ones but not at certain times. As most know the OnDemand starts when you want the movies to start, as well as storing them.

Now why can't VOOM do this? It is very nice. I live in an area that only has Charter, which in my area doesn't even have HD. So I have VOOM and D*.

Video on demand is very nice, and I hope someday the satellite companies, especially VOOM will do this and most important HD. This is a killer app!
I know that Rainbow Media has VOD as one of its holdings but I dont see any Sat provider adding that anytime soon. Its one of the major reasons some cable systems dont have any bandwidth left, that and digital phone and internet access.

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