VOOM STB Locks in my OTA Channels Better than my 65S700! (1 Viewer)


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Dec 19, 2003
Just a note to everyone as to what I found out last night. I have a
Hitachi 65S700 which has a built in HDTV tuner. I installed a
Channel Master 4228 with a Winegard 8275 pre-amp 25 feet off the
ground. My local NBC station has been "marginal" for a signal due to
my location. Some days I would get a 25-30 on my signal strength on
my Hitachi and some days it would drop to 20 or below. Since my
Hitachi has the built in tuner I never hooked up my antenna to my
VOOM STB due to the channel mapping problem.

Last night right before "Las Vegas" came on I switched to NBC on my
Hitachi. I was disappointed to see that the signal had dropped to
almost 16-18 and the picture would pixelate every few seconds and
sometimes even loose the picture completely. Since my NBC station is
mapped in my VOOM STB I had an idea to try and hook my antenna to it
and see how it would handle the low signal. Swtiching to the channel
on my VOOM unit the picture immediately came on and to my surprise I
watched the whole hour long show WITHOUT a picture drop or stutter.
To say the least I was impressed! Apparently the VOOM box's tuner is
going to work better, at least for me, than my built in one in my
TV. After the show went off I grabbed the remote to see what else
the VOOM box would happen to bring in and low and behold there was
my local UPN channel that my Hitachi NEVER would bring in due to a
low signal.

I was contacted by VOOM last week by email and I told them about the
channels that was missing from my mapped channels and they said they
would be adding them for me but am still waiting on that to happen.
Once they add the channels then I will be able to leave my antenna
connected to the VOOM box permanently.

Do any of you have two OTA tuners on hand like myself that have been
able to compare the two side by side? What were your results?

I am anxiously awaiting the channel scanning feature to be added to
the VOOM STB. This will give me the ability to scan for more
channels and also experiment come spring when the weather warms up
and try moving my antenna position around.

I am hanging in along with everyone else here and wishing a great
success for VOOM in the upcoming months..


Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
New York City

I found the same thing with my 6000u receiver from Dish. The 6000u locks the channel but it dropped the video lots of times. The Voom receiver once it locks it maintains it unless the signal is completely gone. I never drop the signal on the VOOM receiver and it never feels like I am watching OTA.

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