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VOOM TimeLine

4/12/05: Have VOOM pay for installations/service prior to April 8th

4/11/05: Charlie Chat and Voom 21 HD

4/11/05: Cablevision to raise Adelphia bid?

4/11/05: NEWSDAY : Voom loyalists lament the loss of the service

4/9/05: NY Post: Is There Hope?

4/8/05: Voom Employees are let go

4/8/05: Voom Shutdown From the Horse's mouth (HDnews)

4/8/05: Voom subs have started to cancel their service

4/8/05: Voom emails Shutdown 4/30 Message to subs

4/8/05: VOOM phone number now giving shutdown message

4/8/05: They have pulled all workorders

4/8/05: VOOM ads at Satguys is removed

4/8/05: What about purchased receivers??

4/8/05: Anything is possible but in all fairness...

4/8/05: Voom should enable OTA permanently!

4/8/05: NewsDay speaks to some VOOM subscribers

4/8/05: Voom website is shutdown with impeding 4/30 shutdown message

4/8/05: New 8-K Report, Voom shuts down April 30.

4/7/05: Cablevision agrees to end Voom.

4/7/05: Voom Installers Conversation

4/7/05: FaxUpdate April 6, 2005: Chuck Dolan Eyes More Time for VOOM

4/7/05: Mixing up motives

4/7/05: Cablevision/Adelphia dilema...

4/4/05: Cablevision to Bid $16.5 Bln for Adelphia : A Voom blurb

4/4/05: FCC help for Dolan Unlikely

4/3/05: Elliptical Dish

4/2/05: Cablevision Disavows Dolan and Dish Offers No Aid

4/1/05: John Malone comments on VOOM

4/1/05: new channel starz edge; Encore HD goes black

4/1/05: FaxUpdate April 1, 2005: VOOM Shutdown Could Be Announced As Early As Today

4/1/05: Extra receiver for Box Owners $299 *

4/1/05: Voom 21 Original updated their webpage for April...

4/1/05: Did VOOM employees get a new notice?

4/1/05: DuelingDolans.com: A Family Saga

4/1/05: Special Offer From Sound & Vision Magazine

4/1/05: {WinVoom}? (April Fools Day?)

4/1/05: New effort to save Voom - Board did not meet on 3/31

3/31/05: SEC Filing - Election of the Board of Directors

3/31/05: Cablevision loses bid for MTA Railyard rights

3/31/05: Dolan to reduce board?

3/31/05: Increased Corporate Governance Concerns At Cablevision: Waiting for Voom Announcement

3/30/05: Fight for satellites escalates!

3/30/05: Who is Charles Dolan? (Newsday 3/30/05)

3/30/05: The Inner Circle: March 2005

3/30/05: Dolan to invest $400M in Voom

3/30/05: The Association of Consumers to Preserve and Promote DBS Competition

3/29/05: USATODAY Article for 03/29/2005

3/29/05: VOOM Expands HD Offering With WealthTV

3/29/05: Cablevision CEO J Dolan says decision to oppose his father on Voom was unavoidable

3/29/05: FCC: Joint Petition Filed to Deny Assignment of Licenses (Charles F Dolan)

3/28/05: New VOOM comercial

3/28/05: Voom promises of 50 channels, price reduction, etc

3/26/05: Details of the Rainbow-1 sale agreement

3/25/05: Buenas Noticias! 2 Spanish Channels Added

3/25/05: Free month of service for a referal - they are listening!

3/25/05: FaxUpdate March 25, 2005: MORE DEADLINES LOOM FOR VOOM NEXT WEEK

3/24/05: AV Rev: Saving Voom From Doom

3/24/05: FCC Docket 05-72: Public Comments Against Sale/Transfer of VOOM Licenses

3/22/05: Voom Adds More! (WealthTVHD, Fine Living, DIY,..)

3/21/05: DUELING DOLANS_N.Y. MAgazine

3/18/05: Nine SD channels added.

3/18/05: Echostar holding on to Voom satellite (NewsDay) 03.18.05

3/17/05: EchoStar Chief Says Satellite Deal Will Move Forward

3/17/05: New 10-K up for Cablevision confirms 40k subs as of 2/28/05 for VOOM

3/15/05: Ch. 308: "This channel reserved for future use"

3/15/05: Liberty Media (Malone) Spin Offs

3/15/05: New Channels! Discovery 619-623

3/14/05: Malone Voices Skepticism About Voom's Chances

3/13/05: MALONE TESTS A FAMILY'S TIES (NYPost) 03.13.05

3/11/05: Cablevision's Governance Under Scrutiny-read-not bad

3/11/05: Class action filed against Echostar; securities fraud (TheBridge) 03.11.05

3/11/05: new 8-k

3/11/05: Voom/Microcenter Promotion

3/10/05: 1.2 million shares cashed in by Dolan???

3/10/05: DISH Subject of Accounting Probe, Set Back in TiVo Case (SkyREPORT) 03.10.05

3/10/05: Cablevision Chairman To Use Cash, Stock To Fund Voom

3/10/05: New SEC filing - deals with funding during March

3/9/05: NY times says deal must be with echostar

3/9/05: cable sale to fund Voom:Chuck Pays Up?

3/9/05: Seat Empty=James Dolan

3/9/05: New 8K with the SEC, making plans if James Dolan loses his job.

3/9/05: Voom website taking new orders

3/9/05: Kentucky Lawmakers Pass Satellite TV Tax (SkyREPORT) 03.09.05

3/9/05: Street Scrutinizes Newest VOOM Deal (SkyREPORT) 03.09.05

3/9/05: New SEC filing - deals with funding during March

3/8/05: Cablevision puts Voom back in business - No new information, Just a temporary Repriev

3/8/05: NY Times-Cablevision's Founder Is Given Deadline on Voom

3/8/05: CVC has more than Voom problems on their plate...!!!

3/8/05: forbes-mostly old---except -"we believe

3/8/05: More Good News (Speculations?)

3/8/05: VOOM LLC Website back active. Emulating VOOM.com

3/8/05: NY times says deal must be with echostar

3/8/05: cable sale to fund Voom:Chuck Pays Up?

3/8/05: Seat Empty=James Dolan

3/8/05: Voom website taking new orders

3/8/05: New 8K with the SEC, making plans if James Dolan loses his job.

3/8/05 3:10pm ET New Channels added to VOOM Service: LIFETIME Net, CMT, National Geographic

3/8/05 Voom fate may rest with EchoStar

3/8/05 WSJ: New board takes no action on VOOM

3/8/05 For now, no Voom to grow... (NewsDay)

3/8/05 Cablevision battle sparks talk of sale (Star-Ledger NJ)

3/8/05 Dolan Sued by Investors

3/7/05 There will be no official statement on Monday


3/7/05 WSJ: Deal to Save Voom May Be in Works

3/7/05 stock action-a signal of what coming

3/7/05 CNBC to Run Story on Cablevision Board Meeting at 11:20 A.M. EST

3/7/05 Voom Assures Sears of Cont. Service?

3/7/05 NewsDay: High noon for Voom: Cablevision coup might not be enough if senior Dolan can't persuade board to save troubled service

3/7/05 Newsday: Viewers going for rough ride

3/7/05 WSJ: Deal to Save Voom May Be in Works


3/7/05 SkyReport: All Eyes on Cablevision, VOOM

3/7/05 Cablevision chairman to lay out plan for Voom (Reuters/CNET)


3/6/05 NewsDay: What's at stake in the war over Voom?

3/6/05 Room for Voom?-Newsday

3/6/05 Chuck Dolans Last Stand" (New York Post)


3/4/05 Cablevision chairman may boot CEO son

3/4/05 NewsDay: Who's in Charge? Charles in charge

3/4/05 USA Today: Dolan told to Back Off

3/4/05 Multichannel news article tonight

3/4/05 Cablevision future hinges on deadline - C-net article on the Voom struggle

3/4/05 Cablevision Revamps Board, Delays Voom Shutdown (CNet-NYTimes)

3/4/05 10:59pm ET voom.com...Alive!!

3/3/05 5:35pm ET SEC probes Cablevision

3/3/05 5:35pm ET Letter from Inverstors to Chuck: (Voom/Echostar merge?)

3/3/05 1:17pm ET More cities added through 3/10/05 Schedule for Super DMA

3/3/05: Broadcasting & Cable: Dolan Move Rates Wall Street Asterisk

3/3/05: Five New Cities added for Super DMA

3/3/05: Forbes.com: Cablevision Board Shuffle May Undermine Independence

3/3/05: Forbes.com: Cablevision Chairman Puts Media Heavyweights On Board

3/3/05: NewsDay: Two Dolans launch Web site to keep Voom satellite alive after James Dolan and board voted to close it

3/3/05: Cablevision's Dolan Ousts Three From Board Over Voom Shut Down (Bloomberg) 3.3.05

3/3/05: Voom.com secure site still available

3/3/05: newvoom.com????

3/3/05: WSJ - Cablevision's VOOM Gets a Reprieve

3/3/05: VOOMllc.com down (Message: check back later..)

3/3/05: SEC probes Cablevision

3/2/05: Closed Caption on HDnews Now Available

3/2/05: Dolans Strengthen Cablevision Board

3/2/05: VOOM ads now re-directed to www.voomllc.com

3/2/05: Harmonic Encoder Improvements? (Feedback Need it)

3/2/05: Brandsmart has put the Voom promotion back on their flyers...!!!

3/2/05: NewsDay: 46,262 (including 5,622 awaiting installation) VOOM Subscribers CONFIRMED

3/2/05 2:03 pm ET: The (www.voom.com) page is back to shutdown mode again

3/2/05 12:41 pm ET: VOOMLLC.COM links back to www.voom.com

3/2/05 12:27 pm ET: All Channels moved to Harmonic Encoder & a smiling face

3/2/05 12:19 pm ET: The (www.voom.com) page is back!

3/2/05 11:52 pm ET: New VOOM HD LL Web Site (They are back! or Are they?)

3/2/05: As of 8:00am ET VOOM still taking new orders

3/2/05: Most if not all HD Channels are converted to the New Harmonic Encoder

3/2/05: $1 install promotions has been extended.

3/2/05: Newsday: The Dueling Dolans

3/1/05: Layoff Notices are sent to All Rainbow DBS Employees at 11 Penn Plaza

3/1/05: SuperDMA is released for the Next Five Cities

3/1/05: Breaking News: Flash From Voom Website: VOOM ceasing Operation by end of March (VOOM website)

3/1/05: Voom's Future Is Uncertain Amid Conflicting Statements

3/1/05: This AM most (if not all) Finance Institutions have VOOM Shutdown

2/28/05: 46,000 VOOM Subscribers As Of 2/28/2005 Reported

2/28/05 8:44pm ET: Exclusive: How Events have transpired

2/28/05 8:03pm ET: This Just In - Voom Not Dead Yet!

2/28/05 6:43pm ET: Voom can be closed down in 30 days. Is it really dead this time?

2/27/05: WSJ: another cablevison-dolan article

2/25/05: Anyone else notice voom pulled ia press release ?

2/25/05: IB 05-72 Rainbow1 at the FCC

2/25/05: CVC Files an 8K

2/24/05: Bill Lammers on VOOM & Satguys

2/24/05: The Deal: The Ex-Cable Guy

2/23/05: Webcast: Q4 2004 Cablevision Systems Corp. Earnings Conference Call

2/23/05: theStreet.com: Cablevision Posts Loss

2/23/05: CVC 4th Quarter Results

2/23/05: Newsday: Cablevision's Voom lost $450M, company says

2/22/05: Cablevision and News Corporation to Restructure Ownership of Sports and Entertainment

2/21/05: New Harmonic Transition begins

2/20/05: a CBS-2 NY 1/2 hr infomercial

2/18/05: Voom updates its website it lets you take yourself off of autopay

2/18/05: Inner Circle February 2005

2/17/05: E* and V* approached the FCC about the sale

2/17/05: USA Today: Could risk-taking Cablevision chairman be thinking about selling?

2/17/05: EchoStar and Rainbow DBS approach FCC

2/14/05: VOOM Subs are Loyal Enthusiast

2/13/05: Feb 14 '05: Phillip Swann "Voom Is Still Doomed"...

2/11/05: Charles Dolan to SatelliteGuys Members - THANK YOU!

2/11/05: New Software version 7.37

2/11/05: More Good News?

2/9/05: Cablevision Signs Letter of Intent to Divest Rainbow DBS Assets and Liabilities

2/9/05: Dell island in mall still selling Voom

2/8/05: Super-DMA is being released!

2/8/05: satbiznews.com: Dolan Trying To Keep VOOM Alive

2/4/05: Roll out of Super DMA expected to start on Monday 2/6/05

2/4/05: Voom/Rainbow Talks to FCC

2/4/05: Multichannel.com: Voom Sale Leaves Customers Cold

2/3/05: VOOM re-starts advertising at AVSForum

2/2/05: Does this sound like Voom is going out of business?

2/2/05: Rainbow Media Secures Long Term Distribution Agreements with Key Cable Operators and Satellite Providers

2/2/05: satbiznews.com: Voom maybe Gone by 2/6/05

2/2/05: HDNews to Carry Bush State of the Union Address

2/2/05: Rainbow Media Secures Long Term Distribution Agreements with Key Cable Operators and Satellite Providers

2/1/05: Voom Originals website - Feb. update!

2/1/05: Super DMA mapping is tested on CT

1/31/05: Utopia Theater: Who's VOOMing Whom?

1/28/05: Voom defaults on HDTV Magazine ads

1/28/05: MORE NEWS: Another Board CVC Meeting set for 1/31/05?

1/28/05: TheStreet.com: VOOM one of the dumbest thing this week in Wall Street

1/26/05: Retailer Chat News Regarding Newly Acquired Frequencies

1/25/05: Home Theater Mag: VOOM and Gloom

1/25/05: New Software version 7.34 is sent on 1/25/05

1/25/05: Newsday: A FAMILY FEUD'S FALLOUT

1/25/05: Thank You letters to VOOM and Charles Dolan

1/24/05: Signs of VOOM's Death or Voom's Life?

1/23/05: Wall Street Journal: More VOOM details

1/22/05: NYPost: Cablevision may be on the block as well


1/21/05: PRESS RELEASE: Fitch: Cablevision Sale Good For Cred Prof

1/21/05: moneyiwon.com: With Voom Sale, Cablevision Founder Faces Choices

1/21/05: Cablevision files SEC Form 8-K

1/21/05: TheStreet.com: Cablevision Unloads Voom

1/21/05: ABC.com: Investors Cheer Cablevision's Sale of Voom Satellite TV Venture; Shares Jump 11 Percent

1/21/05: TheStreet.com Cablevision Unloads Voom

1/20/05: Echostar Agrees to buy Rainbow 1. VOOM appears to be a dead project

1/20/05: HDnews broadcasts the Presidential Inauguration LIVE

1/20/05: thestreet.com: Memo Spells Doom for Voom

1/20/05: Breifing.COM: 09:42 CVC Cablevision: Executive memo leaked - Satelliteguys.us (23.89 -0.48)

1/20/05: Satelliteguys.us was asked by VOOM officials to delete the Internal Memo posted on 1/20/05. We have complied with VOOM's official request.

1/19/05: Internal Memo by Mr. Dolan gives more insight to possible Voom's future.

1/19/05: NY Post: Chuck Dolan, the founder and patriarch at the Long Island-based cable operator, isn't giving up so easily on his dream of launching a nationwide satellite TV venture, despite a board vote in December that effectively shut down the operation.

1/19/05: News Report: The meeting reportedly ended last night with the board leaning against continuing the venture.

1/19/05: Wall Stree Journal: The company has funded the service, which lost $75.3 million in the third quarter of last year, only until the end of the month, people said.

1/19/05: NY Times: Cablevision's Founder Loses Voom Unit Fight to Son

1/19/05: DJ MARKET TALK: Voom Uncertainty Hurting Cablevision Shares

1/19/05: Newsday: Father and son Cablevision bosses split on booting unprofitable satellite TV venture

1/19/05: January 2005 Inner Circle Newsletter

1/19/05: Motorola buy Ucentric

1/19/05: Cablevision Board To Debate Fate Of Satellite Unit

1/14/05: VOOM advertises in MicroCenter

1/11/05: HDNews report on CES-2005 (Las Vegas)

1/11/05: New Software version 7.33 that fixes Calling ID and lock ups with it.

1/11/05: HDnews will report from Indonesia tragedy.

1/10/05: Voom CES 2005 DVR Demo Now Online!

1/10/05: Crutchfield drops VOOM.

1/9/05: VOOM STB on the backcover of Dell catalog

1/8/05: DVR 580 pictures of front and back 2.

1/8/05: DVR 580 pictures of front and back 1 (from DVR manual).

1/8/05: Voom demo video shot by Don Landis from CES 2005.

1/7/05: Voom DVR can store 50 hrs of HD. MPEG-4 is working internally but not yet deploy

1/7/05: Voom to build Small SD-only STB.

1/6/05: ESPN2 HD is launched. Voom does not carry it and it looks like Adelphia and DirecTv have an agreement but the channel is not LIVE.

1/6/05: Voom's DVR components are supposed to be networkable!.

1/6/05: Voom Optimistic about March 2005 DVR release.

1/6/05: Voom Demonstrates a functional DVR at CES 2005.

1/6/05: Voom negotiates more SD channels for Rainbow 2.

1/4/05: Voom DVR to be displayed at CES 2005.

12/31/04: VOOM (HDnews) is only HD channel to broadcast live from Times Square, New Orleans and Las Vegas New Year's EVe.

12/30/04: Rainbow Media puts pressure on Dish Network

12/30/04: Re-branding of HD Cinema channels is a done deal!.

12/29/04: VOOM advertising on NBC National News

12/28/04: Although Voom's fate is unknown, Lockheed Martin said Monday that it will continue to develop satellites for Cablevision under a $740 million contract signed in November.

12/25/04: WorldSport: (LIVE) IIHF World Jr. Championship: Russia vs. United States

12/23/04: Sunshine RSN in Florida is NOW active

12/22/04: Remain S&P Rtgs For Cablevision On Watch Neg>

12/21/04: FL Sunshine SD Regional Sport Channel expected on 12/22/04 by Noon.

12/21/04: Cablevision Halts Rainbow Media Spinoff

12/17/04: Voom Cd: 1/1/2005 Re-branding of HD Cinema Channels?

12/17/04: Press Release: WorldSport HD Coverage of Euro League and JR ChampionShip Hockey

12/16/04: **Wanted**: Super DMA testers in San Diego & NY

12/14/04: CNN/FN going dark (Sunshine RSN coming. Available to FL area only)

12/14/04: WorldSport HD to show Euro Basketball starting 1/6/05

12/14/04: VOOM HD presents The First Annual Prompt Cup Series

12/14/04: New VOOM website: www.voomhdsports.com

12/12/04: WorldSportHD: Junior Hockey Championship

12/11/04: More Music Choice Channels Added

12/8/04: An insight into Voom's HD production/postproduction

12/7/04: HomeTheatherMagazine: Even more HDTV from VOOM

12/6/04: FCC Bureau Moves on 61.5-Degree DBS Issues

12/6/04: New URL's to VOOM originals

12/6/04: CNNfn (ch 404) will cease broadcasting Dec. 15.

12/4/04: Both 304 (ESPNA) and 308(ESPN2A) are HD and Upconvert the SD signal

12/3/04: VOOM Spinoff is Delayed Till Next Year

12/3/04: VOOM activates NDS with Food and HGTV channel. It will gradually do every channel

12/1/04: DIY, FINE LIVING and GAC to be added on Rainbow 2!

11/30/04: KungFu Movies on HD Cinema 106 on Saturdays in December

11/28/04: Bravo HD+ is Now UNIVERSAL HD! is automatic on VOOM

11/26/04: VOOM adds Channel 700 to test its new MPEG2 Harmonic Encoder

11/26/04: VOOM adds FOOD Network to its line up

11/24/04: VOOM adds HGTV to its line up

11/23/04: Current customers will be able to take advantage of new promotion after December 1, 2004

11/23/04: Software Version 7.26 Updates Have Been Resumed

11/23/04: New Voom Ad on ESPN

11/23/04: Positive Voom review on Slate.com

11/22/04: SHIVA impact for VOOM

11/22/04: VOOM Satellite Service to Dramatically Increase to Over 70 HD channels by March 2005

11/22/04: Voom Listings now availabe on TitanTV!

11/21/04: New Voom Ad on ESPN

11/20/04: DVR coming Soon at a reasonable Price?

11/20/04: Barcelona vs. Real Madrid: the biggest game of the year LIVE! Exclusively on WorldSport HD

11/19/04: Small satellite service specializes in HDTV

11/18/04: Some experience problems with V7.26 and Pin number

11/17/04: New customers can get up to three receivers for $1 installed. Requires a 6 month comitment.

11/16/04: New Software download 7.26 is sent to 550 stbs

11/15/04: Voom’s Animania HD network has acquired the exclusive U.S. HD rights to Pet Alien.

11/7/04: Voom has bought exclusive high-definition rights to 193 movies from Miramax Films and its Dimension Pictures sibling for a total license fee of $10 million-$15 million

11/5/04: Amendment #4 To Form 10: Rainbow Media Enterprises

11/4/04: stereophile Ultimate A/V magazine article.

11/2/04: DELL is now advertising VOOM on its web site and in its weekly catalog mailers.

11/2/04: Kung Fu movie titles start appearing on HD Cinema 106

11/2/04: first FMX RIOT champ for RushHD

11/1/04: HDNews covers election night from 6 different national locations all in HD!

10/31/04: Exclusive "Bubba Ho-Tep" movie to premiere on Monster HD

10/30/04: Perfect Vision raves about VOOM

10/28/04: New Download 2.11 software tonite (back to 6.20)

10/26/04: Cablevision's Voom Service To Take Spin

10/25/04: Rainbow Media Enterprises, Inc. Adds to Management Team in Advance of Spin-Off

10/22/04: Exclusive Genesis Invisible Touch - Live at Wembley Stadium 1987 on Rave HD

10/20/04: VOOM Cries Foul Over INHD and INHD2

10/11/04: HDTV Magazine Program Guide (Includes VOOM)

10/7/04: PQ improvements on Equator-HD?

10/6/04: VOOM in US News & World Report!!!

10/6/04: STB Software Update (Nep. 7.0B) released. Maintenance for PPV and DVR software

10/5/04: Astra HD Demo Channel using VOOM HD programming Loop

10/5/04: Voom signs for more Equator content

10/4/04: Voom reached the agreement for the documentaries with MICO, which represents the program library of Japan’s NHK

10/2/04: Voom adjust improper collection of state sales tax! for some customers

10/1/04: Animania HD, the HD direct-broadcast satellite service’s full-time animation channel, added The Boy, Olliver’s Adventures and Flatmania.

9/29/04: MVDDS: VOOM and Echostar going to France to see the model

9/20/04: Voom New $150 Off Promotion

9/15/04: CEDIA-2004: VOOM DVR Preview Video done by Satelliteguys.us Staff

9/15/04: Equator HD adds Smart Travel with Rudy Max

9/14/04: Big Big Changes for HD Cinema: ALL MOVIES in OAR all the time

9/11/04: CEDIA-2004: VOOM Displays DVR and More Information is revealed

9/08/04: New info in SEC doc filed 9/2: As of August 31, 2004 VOOM had approximately 28,700 activated customers and an additional 1,200 customers awaiting installation.

9/07/04: Sci-Fi starts on Voom Channel 523

8/30/04: Monday Night Futbol on WorldSport: Encore Presentation of Game of the Week

8/30/04: Voom remove Olympic channels added on 3/12/04

8/30/04: Gavel to gavel coverage of RNC on Voom channel 999

8/30/04: Spinoff spotlights new role for chief Thomas Dolan is key to Cablevision's satellite TV venture

8/27/04: WorldSport-HD kicks-off 2004-2005 Soccer Season

8/23/04: VOOM $49 Special Lease Offer Installation 8/23/04 - 9/30/04

8/23/04: Cablevision funds Voom plan

8/20/04: New Channels 340 (FSFL) and 341 (FSFLHD)

8/12/04: Voom adds three channels to cover the olympics 321 (NBC-HD), 593 (NBC-SD), & 594 (NBC-SD)

8/11/04: Voom pushes new software download 6.20

8/9/04: Voom Activates 25,000 subscribers according to 2nd Quarter Financial Report

8/7/04: The Beatles' First Film: Hard Days Night premieres

8/1/04: Voom $0 down offer is gone; new price increases

7/30/04: Voom offers Tyson vs Williams in HD free of charge

7/26/04: Voom Gavel to Gavel coverage of Democratic National Convention

7/26/04: Voom releases software version 6.10


7/14/04: Voom wins two satellite slots reach mainly the West Coast.

7/13/04: VOOM Receives Prestigious CNET Editors' Choice Award

6/15/04: New HD Channel on VOOM: Equator HD

6/9/04: SES Americon Enters into Lease Agreement w/ VOOM

6/8/04: Voom may use other equipment Vendors for STB in the future.

6/8/04: VOOM Reaches Important Distribution Milestone With Crutchfield Corporation

6/7/04: Voom to open retail stores?

6/6/04: HDnews Livewire is now visible

6/2/04: Miramax content on Voom?

6/2/04: Voom HD Original Webpages online

6/1/04: Animania adds two new series the Gravediggers and Horrible stories

6/1/04: Rainbow Media Unveils DIVINE HD First Ever 24/7 High-Definition Gay Movie Channel

5/27/04: Voom Package to stay at $39.90 after May 31

5/27/04: $0 upfront, free installation offer extended through 7/5/04

5/27/04: more changes: HD Divine - channel 110, Gunslingers - channel 109 (westerns), Classics - channel 107 (classic movies), HD World Cinema - channel 102 (foreign film

5/24/04: Starting June 1, Cinema 10 changes its current format to 2 movies per day

5/21/04: Attention: (Unofficial) There might not be enough equipment for installation?

5/21/04: TNT-HD is officially on VOOM.

5/20/04: More Information on DVR at Home Theater Entertainment in NYC.

5/14/04: New VOOM Offer: $199 installation starting 6/1/04

5/13/04: RVOOM Has A New Distributor! $500 Rebate on HDTV's

5/7/04: Rainbow Filed form 10 - A new satellite is leased with more TPs. New 36" Dish

4/29/04: ESPN is officially on VOOM. Channels will be added by Friday, April 30th, 2004

4/28/04: ESPN Channels appear in PG of some users

4/21/04: Golf Channel 329 was added.

4/19/04: VOOM to employ WM9 for HD. Both WW9 and MPEG-4 are ready in the hardware side but is not yet clear which one will ultimately be used.

4/16/04: Fox News Channel is added On CH. 412

4/13/04: Improvements are done and the PQ of some channels return but others like the HD west channels plus SD channels are not yet fixed.

4/9/04: PPV on VOOM: Ruiz vs Margay 4/17 for $1.00

4/6/04: Picture Quality takes a big hit and a lot of subs are not happy. Also, policy of switching to lease program changes and does not allow charter members to change.

4/2/04: CVC and ESPN agree to carry agreement. ESPN expected on VOOM soon

4/2/04: New Software release

4/1/04: Free programming ends for early adopters. VOOM starts charging fee for service.

3/29/04: Encore-HD and Playboy-HD are added to VOOM

3/24/04: Zap2it.com has Encore HD Listed

3/24/04: Media Pro produces "La Liga" a one hour summary of "Spanish Premiere Soccer". See HERE

3/22/04: Problems with Software Upgrade. See Here

3/21/04: New Software is released. See Here

3/4/04: Voom adds 4 more channels Bravo, BravoHD+, MSNBC, CNBC. See Press Release

3/3/04: Sears Deal Offer for New Subscribers

3/1/04: All Subscribers installed before 2/20/04 are given $300 credit towards future programming cost. Also, early adopters have the option to convert to lease program without deinstallation. Money Back Guarantee (MGB) is still in place until 4/30/04.

2/29/04: Playboy HD appears in Zap2it but not in VOOM's PG

2/23/04: Voom offers $0 entry to new subs

2/19/04: Voom adds 8 More SD Channels

2/19/04: HBO-HD and Cinemax-HD (East and West for both) are added plus an additional 14 SD channels from both HBO and Cinemax

2/6/04: Free Programming extended until 3/31/04 and Money Back Guarantee extended until 4/30/04.

2/2/04: Encore Action Channel 268 is added to VOOM's lineup

1/29/04: HDNews starts transmitting. Weather map is gone. Read all about Here

1/16/04: VOOM initiation fee is reduced to $399 plus a new promotion for potential subs that buy a HDTV in February 2004 Read all about it HERE

1/8/04: CES 2004 Reveals new channels are coming and new hardware (PVR server and multiple receivers) See these threads for more information: Voom at CES was best display/information of the show VOOM Adds more HDTV Channels and new equipment

1/2/04: Fuel Channel is added the SD line up on channel 325.

12/13/03: Undisputed Back to Back Championships in HD in VOOM ONLY. See all details HERE

12/12/03: Factory Reset Procedure solves a lot of OTA mapping problems. Not clear why it will but it does.

12/8/03: Disney comes back but Show-HD West is still out asof 6:27am. Show-HD comes back. TMC-HD (251) and the Boxing channel (281) are added to VOOM's line up.

12/7/03: Show-HD West channel 242 and Disney go down with Technical difficulties.

12/5/03: VOOM adds Starz East HD (Channel 261), Starz West HD(Channel 262), STARZ (Channel 263), STARZ Family (Channel 264), ENCORE ( Channel 265), ENCORE LOVE STORIES (Channel 266), ENCORE MYSTERIES (Channel 267) to their lineup.

12/4/03: Spice-HD launch date. It did not appear in the VOOM lineup.

12/2/03: VOOM drops the price of second (additional) receiver from $499.99 to $199.99. Information will be sent to subscribers how to get this money back. Starz-HD is launched but it does not appear in VOOM.

12/1/03: The Movie Channel HD is launched but it does not appear in VOOM.

11/29/03: There are still some problems with OTA mapping but VOOM is working on them on a case by case basis. There seem to be fewer problems with installation of the VOOM system.

11/25/03: VOOM Signs Agreement w/ Don King Productions for HD Boxing

11/24/03: VOOM new software released. It fixed the OTA mapping problem and the DD sound drop.

11/21/03: VOOM will launch their NEWSBYTE-HD channel in January 2004. A lot of new subscribers are installed but there are some that had horror installation stories. A survey conducted at two internet site revealed 28% new subscribers were disastified with their installation. The survey showed also that two subscribers had already cancelled VOOM.

11/19/03: VOOM adds BET to their line up of SD channels. Same channel number (512) that was reported earlier. VOOM adds NFL-HD Network to the HD line up. Same channel number (311) that was reported earlier.

11/18/03: VOOM updates their site and takes away all references to the 14 extra HD channels and extra SD channels.

11/17/03: Software update is postponed.

11/15/03: VOOM decides to extend the MONEY BAcK GUARANTEE until 3/31/04.

11/14:03: Voom receivers are experiencing the following problems: Periodic Lockups, DD5.1 sound drops on some channels, pixelation and signal drops, OTA Channel Mapping problems, OTA Sub-channel mapping not available and no scan feature for OTA mapping.

11/12/03: 14 new HD channels are discovered hidden in VOOM's website source code. These could be the rest of the HD channels. The date the page was last updated by VOOM November 10th, 2003. VOOM announces that the PLAYBOY-HD channel will be launched in January 2004.

11/4/03: VOOMERS are born. Installations are done. Numerous problems are reported.

11/04/03: VOOM Unveils Enticing Channels

10/23/03: It's reported that local Sears are having problems displaying VOOM.

10/22/03: First VOOMER speaks. An installation is done by mistake.

10/20/03: VOOM postponed all installation until November 4th, 2003. It is reported that it will carry a Disney-HD channel.

10/15/03: VOOM LAUNCH PRESS CONFERENCE. At the conference is announced that deals were done with MTV-HD, NFL-HD, Discovery-HD, Showtime-HD, Playboy-HD, & Starz-HD. Charles Dolan announced that VOOM will have exclusive coverage of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular this year. This event will be transmitted in HD (1080i) live from Radio City Music Hall. This event will be the beginning of other events to follow.

10/15/03: VOOM Press Release: VOOM to Offer 39 HD Channels

10/13/03: Voom Sears Brochure Scanned!

10/11/03: Voom makes two year exclusive deal with Playboy to offer HD Adult Programming

10/08/03: ESPN-HD reported on Sears brochure and website. The Sear's website ad is taken down.

10/3/03: VOOM is granted two more TP from Echostar by the FCC.

10/02/03: Some details of how Sears will be selling VOOM

9/29/03: Cablevision goes VOOM. Pictures of VOOM Dish and Voom Forum created at Satelliteguys.us

9/29/03: VOOM start testing its website www.voom.com

09/16/03: Cablevision Satellite Svc To Sell At Sears Soon -Reports

Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
New York City
Unsticking this one also. I have added all the information to the Read Me First thread...

Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
New York City
Just put the VOOM Timeline on its own thread again...


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May 11, 2004
Just got my Voom installed last week and so far Im enjoying it.
Does anyone know when they will offer Pay Per View?


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Feb 16, 2004
Welcome aboard!
Well, we already had one PPV Boxing event: for $1 :)
I haven't heard anything else. Maybe Sean have some insight from his yesterday's meeting with Rainbow officials?


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Sep 5, 2004
Voom Ppv

There has been much speculation on VOOM's PPV services. Some say it will be similar to "Moviebeam" and others say it will be a conventional PPV system like INDemand. I'll keep you posted as I know.

Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
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VOOMMiah said:
There has been much speculation on VOOM's PPV services. Some say it will be similar to "Moviebeam" and others say it will be a conventional PPV system like INDemand. I'll keep you posted as I know.

Thanks. It'll be interested to see what it is...


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Jun 9, 2004
Sean, although this does read in chronological order, it would be easier for me to see what the newest stuff is if you did a reverse sort on your history, putting newest first. I do check in here from time to time to see what history is being made.



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Apr 29, 2004
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Sean, thanks for the update. Would be great if WordlSport would bring us European Hockey because of the NHL strike. Also you should add the following:

12/31/04 - VOOM is only HD channel to broadcast live from Times Square, New Orleans and Las Vegas New Year's EVe. Great fireworks show in Las Vegas.

Sean Mota

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Just to bring to the attention of everyone that we have been updating this thread with all the releavant news and updates. All summaried in one thread.


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Mar 14, 2004
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Just minutes old:

Cablevision Systems lost $1.40, or 4.6%, to $28.84 on the Big Board after Chairman Charles Dolan Wednesday replaced three of the company's directors in an escalation of his struggle with the board over whether the firm should shut down its struggling Voom satellite-television service.

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