Voom To Use News Corp. Software In TV Gear Through NDS

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NDS provides VOOM with advanced Technology, Releases 2Q Fin Results

Entire Article Here

NDS Group plc (NASDAQ/ Euronext Brussels: NNDS), a News Corporation company, and the leading provider of technology solutions for digital pay-TV, today announced its results for the second quarter and three months ended 31 December 2003.

Commenting on NDS's performance, Dr. Abe Peled, President and Chief Executive Officer, said: "I am pleased to be able to report that we have maintained the momentum from Q1 and have continued to deliver solid growth in Q2. North America is now beginning to show results and this quarter we are happy to announce wins with America's largest over-builder, RCN, that includes both our middleware, NDS Core(TM), and our conditional access. Cablevision, already an existing customer for NDS, launched a new high-definition service, VOOM, last year, and NDS is providing conditional access and certain other key technologies".

-- NDS provides VOOM, the first and most complete service of high definition TV programming in the US, with a number of advanced technologies for their subscribers including NDS VideoGuard(R) conditional access, Electronic Programming Guide and certain PVR capabilities.
VOOM Chooses NDS to Provide Advanced Technologies for Its HDTV Platform


January 28, 2004 08:00 AM US Eastern Timezone

VOOM Chooses NDS to Provide Advanced Technologies for Its HDTV Platform; NDS Expands Relationship with Cablevision to Include its New HDTV Programming Service

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 28, 2004--(NASDAQ/Euronext Brussels:NNDS)


-- NDS to protect HD content with VideoGuard(R) conditional access technology.

-- VOOM launches an innovative HD Electronic Programming Guide, built by NDS.

-- VOOM to use NDS Digital Video Recorder content protection and storage technology to launch new and exciting DVR products.

NDS, a News Corporation company and leading provider of technology solutions for digital pay-TV, announced today that it is providing VOOM, the first service built from the ground up to deliver a broad offering of high-definition TV programming, with a number of advanced technologies for its subscribers.

Building on their current relationship, NDS and Rainbow DBS, the Cablevision company offering VOOM, have launched a first-of-its-kind Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) built specifically for high-definition programming. Further, within a few months, VOOM will transition its conditional access over to NDS's VideoGuard protection. With the full integration of VideoGuard conditional access, all content delivered by VOOM over satellite will be protected and enhanced through VideoGuard's wide ranging feature set.

Using NDS's Digital Video Recorder content protection and storage technology, VOOM will also be able to offer its subscribers a secure networked DVR product that supports the safe distribution of content throughout the home.

Additionally, the collaboration will bring to market the first HDTV solution using a Motorola set-top box integrated with NDS conditional access technology.

"We have brought the first comprehensive set of HD programming to subscribers throughout the country," said Mickey Alpert, COO of Rainbow DBS. "This agreement will set a new standard in high-definition services, and we're happy to lead the way. Through this partnership with NDS, we can now offer our subscriber base the most advanced set of capabilities for an unprecedented HDTV viewing experience."

The new agreement also builds upon an existing relationship with Cablevision whereby NDS provides conditional access solutions to many of its digital cable customers.

"The rich high definition content which VOOM brings to its subscribers is truly a competitive offering," said Dov Rubin, VP and General Manager, NDS Americas. "With the addition of the high-definition EPG, and the content protection of VideoGuard in the DVR technology, NDS is working with VOOM to bring an unmatched set of technologies to its HD subscribers."

NDS VideoGuard technology is recognized as one of the most advanced and secure technologies available, protecting more than $15 billion in customer revenues while enabling pay-TV and providing a much broader feature set to enrich the viewing experience.
This means that those skeptics about VOOM better pull the pants because VOOM is not about to fold and go bankcrupt. This means that they are in for the long whole and Echostar and DirecTv better look because VOOM will be moving at a fast pace.

This is coming from NDS website

NDS Digital Satellite Solutions

NDS is a pioneer in developing TV solutions for some of the most successful satellite broadcasters around the world. Over 40% of the world's satellite operators use NDS technologies including BSkyB, Skylife, StarTV, and DIRECTV LA. NDS offers open, end-to-end digital TV solutions giving satellite broadcasters everything they need to go digital successfully:

Low-cost STBs

NDS drives down the cost of set-top boxes by licensing our technology to many manufacturers instead of producing the boxes ourselves. In addition to reduced deployment costs, satellite broadcasters also benefit from improved features that vendors introduce due to the competitive environment. This, in turn, enables operators to offer the latest TV and interactive services to attract viewers and potential subscribers.

Modular design

NDS digital satellite solutions are designed to grow with your business, as you grow subscriber numbers and introduce new services. NDS solutions for satellite DTH services can start small and scale to up to tens of millions of subscribers using the same headend.

Conditional access

The VideoGuard® conditional access solution enables satellite broadcasters to market the widest possible range of digital content while ensuring that subscribers pay for what they receive, and receive what they pay for. VideoGuard offers broadcasters the most flexible options for applying their business models to pay TV.

Interactive TV services

Value@TV™ interactive solutions let you build successful interactive applications that enhance the viewing experience, attract viewers and extend your ability to generate revenues. NDS can provide satellite broadcasters with middleware, EPG, enhanced TV applications, secure t-commerce and games.

Satellite broadcasters can also offer profitable interactive services separate from TV content, such as betting and gaming solutions, which have proven to be the main digital television revenue drivers. NDS offers unrivalled products and services in this area via our world leading subsidiary companies Orbis and Visionik.

PVR services

NDS is in a unique position to provide personal TV solutions to satellite broadcasters. XTV™ lets your viewers watch what they want when they want by adding local storage to a set-top box. The NDS XTV personal TV solution provides enhanced PVR functions such as personalization, push-VOD, sophisticated interactive applications and a service that integrates with your current broadcast headend and EPG. Based on NDS's XTV technology, Sky+ by BSkyB in the UK is the first fully integrated personal TV system.
I also think it means that VOOM is here to stay BUT look out as we get nickled and dimed(or dollar-five dollared) for new features, ppv, interactive, copy protection-recording etc etc
Cablevision's Voom To Use News Corp. Software In TV Gear

Here's more...


Thursday January 29, 6:45 AM

NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--Cablevision Systems Corp.'s (CVC) satellite TV business, Voom, will be rolling out new set-top boxes with software from News Corp.'s (NWS) NDS Group Plc. (NNDS).

According to a release earlier Wednesday, Voom will be using NDS' programming guide and conditional access security software.

The software will be integrated on a Motorola (MOT) set-top box.

The rollout builds upon an existing relationship between Cablevision and NDS, the companies said.

U.K.-based NDS, which provides interactive TV services for News Corp.'s BSkyB, has been eyeing additional opportunities in the U.S. There has been speculation that NDS might replace TiVo Inc. (TIVO) in a partnership with DirecTV now that it is controlled by News Corp. But recent marketing campaigns by DirecTV, pitching its TiVo partnership, have damped such talk.

NDS also said in a quarterly call Tuesday that it hasn't yet fully integrated its newly purchased Mediahighway software into its current product, signaling that a partnership with DirecTV would still be a ways off.

Cablevision has been selling Voom on its Web site and through Sears stores since autumn. The dish, box and installation costs $750.
Cablevision's Voom to buy News Corp. set-top boxes

More with a different spin...

Entire Article

NDS (NNDS), which provides software for set-top boxes for News Corp.'s far-flung satellite TV empire, will provide software for Voom's digital video recorders. It will also provide a program guide and technology to protect Voom's signal from piracy, the companies said.

The Voom set-top box will be manufactured by Motorola Inc. (MOT), marking the first collaboration between the hardware maker and NDS on a product for high-definition TV.

Cablevision has released no subscriber figures for Voom, which requires consumers to purchase a $749.99 receiver, which is sold online and through Sears retailers.

Rainbow DBS, through a 49 percent investment in Norwich DTV, spent $84.6 million to obtain licenses to broadcast a digital TV signal from microwave towers in key markets like New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Cleveland.
Hasn't VOOM been using NDS all along? I thought that is what the card in the units now said on the back.
All this information is comming out because NDS just released earnings. The fact that Voom is a customer now it is included in the report as are other companies. Nothing new here

Cablevision has been using NDS for its digital cable for years now and now RCN is the other MSO to impliment the CA technology in North America.
rang1995 said:
I also think it means that VOOM is here to stay BUT look out as we get nickled and dimed(or dollar-five dollared) for new features, ppv, interactive, copy protection-recording etc etc

ROFLMAO! Copy "Protection" a FEATURE!? That's a good one! It's more like a hinderance, and a further step by the studios to get around the fair use provisions of the law that they've always hated. It'll just make it easier for the studios to tell you what to watch and when to watch it, while denying you the ability to time-shift and archive programs. :mad:
Copy write protection issues aside, it sounds like the issue is heating up. As far as I know the VOOM box is the only receiver on the market with DVI outputs and it sounds like their planning on using them for copywrite protection. I know the upcoming cable Scientific Atlanta DVR also has DVI connections.

I'm starting to feel a little better about spending a couple of hundred extra for my new 30" HDTV with DVI. I also just called Toshiba on my old 65" and asked about a DVI upgrade. Toshiba said they have upgrades but if I don't have the right model number I'm out of luck.
I would think that Voom would end up with the very same problems with piracy as DirecTv is with their service.
For the benefit of everyone:

Wilt answered the following regarding whether or not VOOM was using NDS already.

No we started at Mediacypher, but the card's been there all along and can't be removed, but we're currently not running NDS. No, it's not cheaper, no, its' not a stock price pump, yes it opens up some opportunities for development. Wilt
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