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Nov 28, 2003
Ken from Yahoo's group mentioned his wife commenting on his increased consumption of VOOM. My wife has made similar observations. I'm guessing there are others. The choice is clear. We either need to watch less VOOM, or form a support group for the wives.


Look for the VOOM Widows group on Yahoo soon. :D
Same here... way too much TV.

Just 'cause it's HD doesn't mean it's any good....... :shocked

I feel your pain (or pleasure).

I'm watching programs now on Voom just to be seeing them in HD that I would've never watched before.

My wife says "why are you watching that? We saw it already at the theatre."

And I say "Because I can."

Oh, the glory of High Definition!!!!!!!!!!!1
I got the "I hate this zoom" on the phone tonight as my wife called me at work to see why the sound wasn't on (Volume knob is the big one on the heavy dark box with bright lights sweetie). After my inspired fix (turn knob clockwise), "zoom" was not so bad ... ugh.
I bought my wife her own 30" HDTV. Since VOOM started HB0-HD and CineMAX-HD her complaining about VOOM has subsided a little. I still have not told her I'm planning on keeping VOOM after the the money back gaurantee ends.

in the words of the Late Jackie Gleason: "I am king of this Castle. Alex, Zoom, pumm. to the MOON" ;) Honey, where is my supper? :eek: :river I have a big................MOUTH.... :shh
No problem here, I kicked out the wife, got a divorce and took over the Living room and turned it into a real Home Theater, that'll teach her to not want to watch HD with me.

My wifey isn't on speaking terms with me after I laid it on her that I had ordered VOOM!

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