Want to add 2 more receivers....cost?


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Feb 4, 2006
I have D1000 and D300 dishes with a ViP 622 and a 311 connected downstairs in a new install done by a local retailer in May. A check switch shows a DP Twin.

I'd like to add a Vip211 in a downstairs office and another in an upstairs bedroom. I wish I had it done at the initial installation but didn't think I wanted it at that time.

I have no desire to get on the roof or run the lines myself. What would be the best approach? Should I call Dish or the local guy and how much would it cost me?


EDIT: I'm leasing the receivers
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Be patient and wait till next May for the best deal. You can call DISH and see if they will allow you to upgrade. Dishin it up has a 1 year requirement befor you can participate. If you want it NOW you can pay full retail price for the receivers, DPP44 switch and labor for the install.
Thanks. I don't have to have them now but I wasn't sure it was an upgrade to add two more receivers. I want to keep the two I have and add two more, neither of which would be a DVR. I have no interest in paying full retail for the receivers, I was going to lease them.

I've seen some post one here about ESPN blackouts, but....

Bye Bye to 2nd Receivers?

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