Warner Bros HD DVD will be 1080p



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Jun 5, 2004
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Video quality:
We have learned that Warner Bros. will encode it's HD-DVD titles in 1080p using VC1 (Also known as Microsoft Windows Media 9) for compression. Now, this is good news. This should secure the highest possible picture quality available today. Rumors are saying that the first generation HD-DVD players will only output 720p/1080i (We will of course test this!) but 1080p will surly be included in future players so it is nice to know that the software supports it.

Khm... I have yet to hear anything about it.

Copy protection:
Many are concerned about this issue. Especially the fact that it is possible for studios to down-convert the signal to a lower resolution if people choose to use the analog output of their HD-DVD (or Blu-ray) player to connect it to their TV. The down-conversion will not happen if you use the HDMI (or DVI with HDCP) input on your HDTV (if it has it!) Now, Warner has a policy of not discussing it's copy protection schemes so we could not get a straight answer from them but Warner has been one of the studios advocating for the feature when the specifications was decided upon. We will do our best to label the titles clearly on our site when we know if they have this copy protection or not.

So once again, we don't know anything...

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