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Welcome HOME to SatelliteGuys!
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Sep 7, 2003
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Welcome to our new Stock Talk Forum!

I am happy to welcome Geronimo to our staff, many people may know Geronimo as he has been a long time SatelliteGuys member and has been on other forums forever. He is also a well respected voice on the Yahoo Stock forums.

Please use this area to discuss Stock related issues dealing with the Satellite Companies.

We hope you enjoy this new forum!
Thanks Mr. Mota and here is hoping we get some good discussion going.

BTW I have to say that I am literally astounded at the success of the VOOM discusion forums. A service that might have 10,000 subs has some of the liveliest discussions around. I hope I have half the sucess you have.
I am not sure that congratulations is the right term---lol. I certainly hope no one blames me for what is happening to the satellite stocks on my first day on the job.
Can we have a special "Martha Stewart Section" where pub members can get inside information :)

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