What Do I Have To Lose Switching To Voom?


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Feb 26, 2004
Here'e my current situation.
I'm a basic 1 receiver AT120 (w/locals) subscriber to Dish Network for the past 5 years.
My receiver is an obsolete 3800 model. I bought an hdtv last year and have been waiting to see what DISH (the leader in HDTV :D) would do to accommodate. Nothing so far that DISH offers for HDTV has impressed me, so I have no programming commitments to DISH today. Fortunately my tv has a built in hdtv tuner so I have been able to enjoy local hdtv broadcasts using just rabbit years.
I have two other (non hdtv's) that I would like to have hooked up to an OTA anntena.
Voom programming seems to offer enough of the SD channels to make the other family members happy. I would hate to lose the RSN (Fox Sports) and miss a few local games. About half of the local games are OTA so I wouldn't miss out on all of them at least.

Here's what I'm thinking of doing.
Get the basic Voom package for 3 rooms since the current offer allows up to 3 receivers with $0 installation charges.
This installation includes an OTA antenna connection for all 3.
I really only want 1 tv (to use Voom) and the other 2 to just use the OTA antenna. After a month, I'll just call VOOM and tell them to pick other the other 2 receivers. I figure I'll it will cost me $29 ($9.50 twice/$5.00 twice) to do this but this is probably alot cheaper than having the Voom installer only install 1 receiver and paying extra to hook up the other 2 rooms with OTA.

Does anyone see a problem with this thinking?

I called Voom today and gave them this scenario and he indicated I wouldn't be charged anything extra by deactivating these extra receivers.

This Voom forum is great! I'm hooked on reading it daily.


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Apr 18, 2004
As far as having extra receivers installed to circumvent paying the installer for additional work, we certainly aren't in agreement.

With Voom, you will be subscribing to a product that actually is the HD Leader. Dish Network is not very impressive on equipment, reliability, software, and I hated their service. Chuck Ergen is a liar; he misrepresents his company and its intentions (i.e. DishWire).

Voom has been nothing but a joy for my family. It really allows one to leverage the investment they've made in an HDTV monitor.

You have nothing to lose, but (at least) 39 HD channels to gain.

You can easily split the coax from the antenna and run additional lines to your tv's that you wish to receive OTA signals. It's just like cable (unless the antenna is amplified--just remember to place the power inserter after the antenna, before the first splitter/diplexer).

Good luck! It's always nice having new folks join our club.


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Apr 1, 2004
Newport News, VA
I dont use a amp after the antenna and split it into 2 feed with no problems. And its in the attic


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Apr 5, 2004
Lake Havasu City, AZ
Well, the upside to adding Voom, in my opinion, outweighs the downside of dropping
Dish. First of all, when you start enjoying all those HD channels you'll most likely discover(as I have) that all those old favorite SD dish channels don't measure-up.
secondly, Voom is still expanding and adding new content almost monthly, so there is
a good chance that more of your favorites will be added down the road. Personally, I'm
so in love with the 30+ HD channels that I really don't care about the SD channels.
The only missing link in a DVR STB, and I hear its in the works and that customers who
are on the lease plan will be able to upgrade.......then it will be a no-brainer!

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