What is Super Dish : Difference between Dish500 & SuperD


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Jan 13, 2004
I have following questions

What is super dish and how it differ from Dish500.

Basically, I have Dish500 and 2nd dish at 61.5 for international channels.
Now i want to get the HDTV channels.
Do i need Super Dish or Can i just get away with current Dish.

I do understand that i will have to get a HDTV receiver 811.

Thanks !
If your Dish500 is pointed at 110 and 119, you're fine for HD. The 61.5 dish only adds WCBS-DT, if you qualify. All other HD is available on Dish500.
A SuperDish is about twice as wide as the Dish500 at 36" but about 24" high. It looks like a PrimeStar dish with a skew. It has three lnbf's and an external sw-34 switch. It is used to pick up a third satellite slot in which is an FSS one requiring a larger dish.

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