What is the Directtv Basic package??

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search around and you will find a few places that describe it. If I remember correctly it is your locals plus maybe a shopping channel and or religious channel or two. It is only offered with international programming. (IE you can not use this as your base package and then subscribe to Sunday ticket) In your case this is not an issue. The DIRECTV PREFERRED CHOICE package at $30 a month is not a bad deal really as for $20 a month more than basic you would get most of the good channels that are offered in the regular total choice package. YMMV
As far as I know preferred choice is locals with few kids channels. Very bad package but I might be wrong I only installed once for a new customer with this package. I believe they only give you one receiver with free install. Unlike Total Choice and higher packages where you get up to four rooms free install/free receivers and a free DVR.

I dont think your parents will need Preferred Choice. Get them either Basic or Total Choice if they need more channels.
Jimbos said:
OR theres always D* site that gives you all the base packages as well.
there is also a package comparison page.


That page has all the info for family and the total choice packages but not Basic which is what the OP was inquiring about. Direct does not publish much information about the Basic and Prefered Choice packages, which are only offered / required to international packages that don't cost over a certain dollar amount. Often they just push the regular total choice packages which are not required with the international packages but are more expensive.
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