What is the Proper Placement of New Rear Pivot Actuator Bolt on Dish Ring? See Pics.

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Jul 4, 2006
I Need Advise From the Actuator Experts:
Gentlemen, I am trying to this time Properly Install a reconditioned and regreased (re Gabshere's instructions) Actuator I got from another Site where the Dish had already been removed. I tried to use another Actuator from a 7.6 Ft Unimesh Dish which I wasn't sure was working properly, so I compromised and removed the Back Pivot Bracket from the 7.6 Footer Actuator and installed it on my 8 Magnet Von Weise Actuator - see pics 1 and 2.

For the Front Bolt on the Actuator I got 2 excellent 1/2 inch Steel Spaces from my great neighbor - which he made up, and today installed and tightened down the Front Bracket and it seems to be okay - see pic #3.

My Question is do I have the Rear Pivot Bolt Bracket Installed Properly? That is, does it matter if the Head of the 2nd Pivot Bolt goes Above or Below the rear Dish Ring Bracket? The Corner Frame of the Dish Ring Bracket is just contacting and touching the Actuator!! Is that okay? And just what is the purpose, or why is this Pivot type Bolt better than a Fixed Bracket? See pictures 4, 5, 6, and 7. The last picture shows the 2nd Actuator Bracket from a bottom view.

I would appreciate any comments re the correct setup for Both Actuator Bolts.


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