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Apr 2, 2006
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On another forum close to home there is a Ton of drama about a tool that they have locked up tight that will take your recorded 4:2:2 program and convert it so you can watch the program on your computer! The only way to get it is buy the openbox from them. I understand that if it were true, but I just recorded a 4:2:2 program last night and for the heck of it converted it using my TS converter and played the file with my windows media player and guess what? It played perfect! What's up with that? Had the Openbox for 6+ months now and never heard of such a thing??

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yep most machines that can record the 4:2:2 stream it will play back on a computer. Folks have mentioned that with the Visionsat which is an older PVR unit too


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If the Openbox is using new firmware that records in TS format, then no conversion is necessary. If it is still using the DVR format, you'll need to use something like Ariva TS Tool or TS Doctor to convert to TS for playback on a PC.


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i believe the converter you mention was for older firmware that recorded in .dvr format
unless you want to run the older firmware, it is not really necessary anymore.
vlc will play ts just fine.

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Jan 2, 2006
Windows 7 also plays .ts files natively in its media player, though I haven't tested it with 4:2:2 since I use VLC for everything. I suppose it might depend on what codecs you have installed -- don't ask me what 7 comes with, I quit keeping track.
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