What movies did you try to see that you werent able to make it to the end?

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Feb 6, 2005
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I just thought this would be interesting. The inspiration from this thread came to me when I rented Blood Rayne and saw 30 minutes of it but no matter how hard I tried I couldnt sit through the whole thing. Bad acting and dumb story. Another movie was that gawd awful Monster in Law. Fell asleep two times while trying to watch it.
On Sat. my wife fell asleep while we were watching Da Vinci Code - she said it was too slow and she hated the subscripts. (I had to nudge her several times as she was in danger of falling on the floor and her Zzzzz's were beginning to bother the other viewers...!)
I know I'm gonna get flamed for this...but here goes:

Usual Suspects

I actually fell asleep three times trying to watch it...finally gave up.
I agree with Monster In Law, couldn't get through it.

Hitchhikers guide was pretty good actually. Not in a hurry to watch it again but it was good the first time...
Sky Captain and the World of Tommorrow. I hated the soft cartoonish look. I actually fell asleep and when I woke up I had missed most of the flick. I've still yet to set through it.
Time Runner. Rented it and zonked-out about 20-25 minutes into it. Sky Captain is, despite interesting effects, really dull - I agree.

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey - not even close to being an attention grabber.

Meet the Fockers - the cat flushing the dog was about the only laugh in the movie, otherwise, zzzzzz.
i have fell asleep through many a movie many mentioned here, but the one movie that i got up and walked out of a theater on was GHANDI.
I remember ordering the 2nd mortal kombat movie on ppv, I was like 17 at the time I think, and I fell asleep watching it. I was pissed because not only did I fall asleep at 4pm in the afternoon, but I was out the ppv cost and I hadn't even seen the movie...

Quite a ways through after I had suspended my disbelief for a long time, Harrison Ford brings up the GPS Dog Collar to track the kidnappers, I laughed and turned it off.
The first Star Wars. I have seen the entire movie in pieces, but the furthest I got in 1 sitting was where Obi Wun is sneaking or hanging off/along the side of a roundish object with two storm troopers near(i know, very descriptive)
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