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Apr 10, 2008
Ok so let's eliminate the big four, and for the purposes of this discussion let's also eliminate discussion regarding whether baseball, football, basketball and hockey are in fact the big four.

So what other sports do you like? Me, I like a whole lot of them.

Keep in mind anything you say here can and will be used against you. Some people get a kick out of putting down some of the less mainstream sports, instead of simply exercising their right to not watch (or post about) them.

I mention Manchester United in a thread and someone feels the need to come on and rip into soccer, saying it should be played by pre-pubescent girls or something. Jeez, Man U is only the most popular sports team in the world. If you don't like them, or like soccer, ignore them.

I don't get the NASCAR thing but I don't put anyone down for watching it...to each her own.

Anyway here are the other sports I like to watch, some of which are very non-mainstream:

AVP beach volleyball - you like Maria Sharapova playing tennis in a short skirt, I like Jake Gibb (and others) playing volleyball in swim trunks. Nice.......and it's truly a very exciting sport. Sean Rosenthal has a 44 inch vertical jump...and he's not the highest leaper on the tour.

Tennis - not to ogle the guys (or girls), but I have always liked to watch tennis. A great see-saw match is so exciting.

Soccer - you think crowds in the northeast US are into the baseball and football games? Please. Soccer fans around the world at the game up the intensity level significantly.

Triathlons - because around 11 AM tomorow I'm going to be a triathlete!

Bicycle racing - it's a shame the drug conspiracies have ruined the sport for me. The tactics and determination of the riders is so exciting.

Most of the X games sports - yes I like all the skateboarding, motorcyle tricks, snowboarding, and most everything else. Did anyone see Travis Pastrana do the first double back flip on a motorcycle ever two years ago? OMG it was amazingly exciting after he completed it. The sold out Staples Center went crazy, his mom was crying, he went over to apologize to her...wow.

I'm sure I'm missing some.

Here are some sports whose appeal escapes me, but if you like them knock yourself out watching them.

Figure skating in the olympics - I don't like 'judged' sports in general, and these athletes seem way too over-hyped for TV ratings.

Gymnastics in the olympics - see above.

Boxing - is it still a sport?

NASCAR - round and round and round they go. I get dizzy.

Bowling - you've seen one strike, you've seen them all. And I can't seem to keep track of the score.

Lacrosse - those goalies look ridiculous.

Women's softball - the pitchers are too good, too dominating.



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Jan 27, 2004

Football - college and pro
Basketball - college and some pro (playoffs)




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Apr 6, 2006
Ok so let's eliminate the big four...

Since you mention not using Tennis as an excuse to ogle the girls in their outfits, I'm out. Truth be told, the NFL is all that really matters to me. Everything else is stuff for which I have no great passion.


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Apr 9, 2008

Baseball - especially Red Sox-Yankees games (I'm a rare breed for a Sox fan....I actually LIKE and respect the Yankees)
Football - Pros and SOMETIMES college
Basketball - Pros and ESPECIALLY college (March Madness is the best!!!)
Tennis - I love watching French Open, Wimbledon, and the U.S. Open


Baseball, softball, wiffleball
Hockey- Street hockey (I can't skate for beans) :D
Tennis- I've improved dramatically over the years
football- day before Thanksgiving tradition with high school friends


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Nov 2, 2006
Believeland, Ohio
Besides the big 4, I am also an avid golf fan. I enjoy following the PGA and also playing whenever I have free time. My wife and I even had our reception at Firestone Country Club in Akron, Ohio (home of the Bridgestone Invitational). To me, Golf represents the perfect sport. It's rich in tradition, you play outdoors and get to witness great landscapes all the while being challenged by a multitude of different courses available all over the world. It just doesn't get much better than that! Golf is also a sport in which you can enjoy competitively or also casually with a few friends, beer, cigars and a golf cart. If I had a choice in how to spend a beautiful Saturday morning/afternoon, it would be at the local links.

I am also trying to get into Tennis more. My cousin just accepted a journalism position in Manhattan at a Tennis Magazine/Online Publication. (Tennis.com). This is a passion of his and he gets to fly all over the world to witness and cover all of the major tours and matches. You can say he's starting to turn me onto the game....

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Nov 17, 2003
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College Hockey...love starting at 6:00 with a game from the east coast...then at 7:00 flip over to MN Duluth or North Dakota...maybe a Denver or CC game at 8:00/8:30 and end the night with the Anchorage game at 10:00 or 10:30 :)

Pro Wrestling
NHL Hockey

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