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Sep 7, 2003
Will going to do an install for dish 500 and chinese channel at 61.5.
On dish 500 will be a quad LNB for 110/119 to three rooms, and will set up a DTV dual LNB for two rooms only, I understand that quad and legacy cannot mix, so, in this set up quad + DTV dual, what type of switch can I use.
More details please are you using a DISH PRO quad or a LEGACY quad. If you are using a DISH PRO quad and a Directv dual there is no switch that you can use.
You can use a legacy quad on the 500, and a legacy dual on the 61.5, and 2 SW21 switches.

'have no idea about using a Directv LNBF.
How can you determine which is lagacy quad or dish pro quad, all I know is, quad is quad with 4 cable out from the LNBs, and legacy is more like a single or dual LNBs, is twin is dish pro LNB ?
Sorry I install 97% of DTV and few Dish Network system. I hate things confuseing me.
The DirecTV dual is hard to get on the "Y" connector of a Dish500. A DirecTV dual will fit on a Dish 300, if you use an 8x32x 1 inch long round head machine screw. A DirecTV dual with an 18" round dish will work fine. Everything on the Dish500 has to be leacy, though. No DishPro lnb switches or lnb's will work with any DirecTV lnbs.
So, DTV lnbs is not compatible with dish legacy.
But if use DTV dish and lnbs, it can use on dish's receiver, but not on any switch, is that what you means ??
Directv and DISH legacy technology are compatible. You can use a Directv dish and a Directv dual lnb for 61.5 combined with a LEGACY QUAD and SW-21 switches. Go to www.switchinfo.info/index.htm to learn more about satellite installation.
Spend some time at the link boba gave. The Twin and Quad both come in legacy and DishPro versions. The DishPro LNBs have a prominent dP logo.

DishPro is Dish's method of using stacked LNBs and DiSEqC switches. Read more at the link above and at http://echostar.swiki.net/217.

DirecTV regular LNBs are compatible with Dish legacy but as Mike500 showed you may have trouble attaching one to the arm for the other. The two systems use incompatible multi-sat switches.

I agree with Barry O, a legacy Quad, legacy (non-stacked) dual LNBF for either brand, and 2 SW21s. You already understand the 3rd room won't get the Chinese channel.

If you are shipped a DP Quad, the 61.5 dish must have a DP Single (or DP Dual) and you would use a DP34 switch. Does anyone know if a DirecTV stacked LNB can be used in place of a Dish DP Single?

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