States Debate More Dish Taxes


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Sep 8, 2003
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State legislatures across the country are in session, with some debating the same budget shortfalls they encountered last year. And a few state lawmakers are again considering a tax on satellite TV services to help address those money woes.

At the moment, satellite TV interests are eyeing dish tax debates in two states: Utah and Arkansas.

In Utah, the debate surrounds whether to repeal the tax on satellite TV services state lawmakers passed last year. The state's satellite TV tax included a provision allowing local entities - cities and counties - to collect tax revenue on dish services, which violates federal law.

Utah legislators have said they need to correct the tax provision concerning local tax on satellite TV, and talk is that they may repeal the state's entire satellite/cable tax. However, other lawmakers have pointed out the tax brings in $14 million in revenue, and they expect to debate whether giving up that money is a smart move.

The Arkansas proposal to tax satellite TV service is a bit vague. According to (, state lawmakers are looking at a DBS tax to fund education reform, and satellite TV subscribers could be assessed an extra 5 percent tax that doesn't apply to cable TV.

Other states also may consider satellite TV tax issues.

In Arizona, a Citizens Finance Review Commission is expected to recommend a tax on satellite TV services to the state legislature, though no bill has been introduced at the state house. And the folks with said cable companies in Kentucky could push a tax on DBS.

Satellite TV interests also continue to watch legislatures in California and Virginia to see if new dish tax provisions surface during their current sessions.
So by my rough estimates, Utah is taxing the satellite subscriber over $6 per month. A bit excessive in my book.

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