What would you Change if you ran the Networks


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Jan 27, 2004
Can't get to that site from work. I will have to wait til I get home.


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Jul 14, 2005
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There is a post on the506.com, The506 Broadcast Maps Forum - Improving Current Sports Coverage By Network about if you ran the networks what would you improve about each network.

So on this site, Ill ask the same question. If you ran ABC/ESPN Sports, NBC Sports, Fox, etc. what would you change about it?

You forgot CBS ...

I would change the times that games start.
No more games start after 8 pm, period EST.

MNF would START at 8pm, or possibly 7:30 pm.
West coasters,
Whats more important, the beginning of the game, or the end ????
I'll take the end of the game any day.

No baseball exclusive channels, ESPN can have Wen. and Fox Saturday, but do away with the stupid rule that says NO other games can be shown on those nights ... that is truly stupid .

Networks do away with BLACKOUTS ... I know this is a league issue, but if the networks pushed for it, they would be dropped.
If Blackouts were dropped you would see a lot more people purchase other packages.



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Apr 15, 2008
NBC needs to get rid of this NHL Flex Schedule crap, and go back to what they did their first year after the lockout- regional coverage on Saturday afternoon.

Maybe, for once, we'd see a game between TWO Western Conference teams.

Besides, the Blackhawks, Sharks, and Bruins deserve more national TV exposure than the Rangers.


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Oct 1, 2007
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There is a huge list of things that need changing. But here is one that has stuck in my craw for close to 20 years. When covering the Olympics, cut all the so-called human interest nonsense and show a lot more actual competition. And cut down the percentage of swimming and diving, gymnastics, and track to show the less well known and rarely seen sports. I for one love to watch skeet shooting. And I am a huge fan of amateur wrestling (not the laughable pro wrestling).

There might be some other sports I have never seen but would enjoy if given the chance.

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