Whats for breakfast?


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Jul 8, 2004
Virginia Beach
Who says dinner or lunch has to be the only good meals of the day?

Honey butter grits with scrambled eggs and grilled boneless pork ribs on flakey biscuits washed down with cranberry juice.
about the same except Great Value Low Sodium bacon... Wal-Mart brand has more meat than brand names I have found...some bacon is nothing but fat...

Fareway is a regional chain with a great meat counter. There stove bacon is the best, thick and reasonably lean.
I know it is very unhealthy, but I don't eat breakfast. When I wake up in the morning, I am just not hungry.
This morning it was brisket breakfast tacos with some left over brisket i took out of the freezer.
I can barely get moving early enough to fix cereal, how do you guys get the time to actually cook breakfast?
My breakfasts come around on my days off though if I was on a permenant graveyard shift then I would be able to do it 7 days a week. Im not a morning person and infact I feel that getting up before the sun has been up for more than 3 hours is a crime and can be the blamed for the worlds woes and all sorts of diseases and malidies:p
Slept in (woke up for a couple of hours early this a.m.)
2 Eggs, 1 hot sausage pattie, 1 strip bacon, 1 Hatch Green Chile (diced) a splash of milk...
Cooked bacon and sausage and added to paper bowl with dice chile, milk and eggs... nucked till done...
Last Sunday before heading over to my brothers we had Aidell's Chicken Sausage made with pineapple and bacon, scrambled eggs, and fresh ground vanilla-hazelnut coffee....

By my brothers we ate pizza and watched the Bears game...

(and actively comparing his D* HD-lil Fox to OTA Fox while we were at it.) ;)