what's the best way to order DirecTV?

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Sep 11, 2004
hi all. first post here. i'm getting ready to pull the trigger and order DirecTV. what i'm planning on ordering is:

3 room directv with hd and hbo packages
1 hd directivo (hr10-250)
1 sd directivo
1 sd receiver
eliptical 3lnb dish

where would be a good place to order this and is there a single place i can get it all? how can i get the best deal? should i order directly from directv? who would install my system if i ordered over the internet or with directv?

Darkwing Duck

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Aug 22, 2004
You might want to call DirecTV and see if you can negoiate a deal because they might cut you a break pricewise I've also heard a rumor that they're going to offer a $50 rebate on standard DirecTivo's this Monday so you might want to wait and see what happens with that. If you order online from DirecTV they bring up a nifty scheduleing thing where you can choose what day and morning/afternoon selector up. I think other websites they call you after ordering to set a day and time. I think though that you might be able to negoiate a good deal directly from D*. Although I could be wrong.
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