What's your favorite HD Channels?

Rang, I mean PollMaster, would like to have a poll on most misnamed channel, i.e. EPICS :)

Does ESPN-HD not qualify ?

I wish the new Sportscenter showed more HD clips, but I watch alot of ESPN-HD. At least the content changes. I like DiscoveryHD, but how about something new ???

Warren in MN
I couldn't live without HBO. This was the original reason I held off on voom until they added it. Sunday night is HBO, and I also love the movies and boxing. Hands down my favorite channel (overall).
no ESPN-HD?!!

I know they have limited HD content - but what they do show in HD is of high interest to me. I'd definitely vote for ESPN-HD - along with Worldsport and Rave
I love HBO HD....even if they crop it to fill the whole screen. They have the best movies and shows. I watched Spiderman the other day and it looked fantastic. Im looking foward to this sat night ...terminator 3 in HD!!
Monsters Hd is great also...they just need some more movies. Also, DiscoveryHD is alot of fun to watch....cant wait to see what Equator HD has for us.
Status (Votes: 84)

Discovery HD 49
HBO 40
Monsters 32
Starz 24
HDNews 21
Cinemax 21
ShowTime 21
Rave 19
Playboy HD 19
WorldSport 18
Encore 17
The Movie Channel 15
Cinema 10 14
Rush 14
Bravo HD+ 14
Ultra 6
Gallery 6
Animania 6
Epics 5
Auction 2
Moov 1
Inside Voom 1
since cinema10 got only 3.66% will they trash it now? I see Moov is neck and neck with inside voom. actually inside voom has more compelling content IMO. LMAO

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