which antenna for my area?


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Feb 14, 2013
ok so i always bought indoor antennas.seems they would only get 3-5 channels for me.this month i have alot of time off so i'm thinking of trying a outside antenna.which one would u guys reccomend? heres the tvfool image.


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Dec 12, 2003
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You will need a High VHF and a UHF antenna a minimum I would suggest is a Winegard HD-1080 or a Channel Master CM-2020. Larger antennas will pull in signals from further away, they also cost more. Seeing you have been used to relatively cheap indoor antennas the 2 recommended are reasonably priced not the best but good antennas. Stay away from non brand name antennas and those with outrageous range claims.

To update I have both antennas and I am 67 mi. from Dallas using TVFool exact address no amplifiers over fairly flat terrain. According to TVFool on actual broadcast ch.19 (ch11 CBS) I have a power of -68.2 and on CH.8 actual (8.1 ABC) I get a power of 70.0. On similar channels KAIL CH7 you get a pwr. of -43.6 and KETV CH.20 you have a PWR of -43.4 both are 59.2 miles from you. Seeing you are closer and have a stronger signal I expect you should get better reception than I do. The HD 7697P that Larry recommends might take you out to the 75 mile range and will definitely provide a stronger signal on closer broadcasters.
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Mar 16, 2004
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Two other antennas from Winegard that a lot of people have had good luck with is their HD7694P good up to 45 miles or the HD7697P which is good up to 60 miles. Point it southeast and you should get lots of stations.


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