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Sep 14, 2006
We recently moved our HD TV from the 3rd floor of an apartment tot he basement of our new house. We used to get the OTA HD channels but not since moving. We still do not have cable hooked up and are hoping someone can help out. I'm confused as to which tuner I need to plug my newly purchased antanae into...is it the Digital or UFC connection on the back of the TV? I've tried both and can't seem to get a HD picture on any channel, my signal strength is an astounding "0". I'm also going to reposition the antanae after work tonight.

Also, I have some friends that get their HD channels by entering a decimal on the TV....which I can't seem to do on my TV. Previously if I had wanted to watch channel 5 in HD I would have to change the channel to 805 and 808 to watch the HD version of channel 8. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

What is the make and model of the TV?

What make & model antenna are you using, and how is it run to the TV?

What is your zip code? so we can tell if you have the proper antenna for your location and have it aimed in the correct heading.
I suspect that the digital connection youa re referring to is something other than an antenna input. Is there more tahn one input that looks like a stadnard coax cable goes into it?

There is probably just one. Plug it in there.
The TV model # is HD-52G887, it's made by JVC. I can't remember the antenna make and model, I bought it at Lowe's for $25. It has 42 in antennas and that little circle thing in the middle...it is also powered. My zip code is 50124. It is run to the TV by a standard coax. It does have two seperate inputs for coax on the back of the TV.
Your furthest channel of interest is only 6.3 miles away and the rest are only 4.4 miles away; you should not have any issues, unless the antenna is really bad or mis-aligned. Although the description of the antenna is of no help, properly orient the antenna to 187° (this is the correct heading for your towers based on the zip code). One you are connected to the TV correctly and aimed correctly, perform a new setup of the TV's tuning/auto-tuning feature. Making sure it is set for OTA, ATSC or over the air tuning; or whatever that TV calls it. You just want to make sure the TV isn't looking for cable or signals other than the antenna alone.
If you've provided the correct model number, then yes, you only have one coax connection for input. Your problem may be that you are in a basement. Your antenna will likely need to be above ground- the higher the better. Outdoor rooftop antennas are best, but you might get by with an attic antenna or set top antenna- as long as it's higher up. You are connecting via coax and not twin lead, right?
After work I went ahead and tried the tips you guys provided and it was a success. Here's what I had to do:

1. Move the antenna to a better spot.

2. Since I do have 2 spots in the back of the TV (1 labeled digital and 1 labled uhf), my TV would not switch to digital when I was just plugged into the uhf. What I had to do was tak ea splitter branching of the antenna and connect a coax to both spots.

3. Ran my auto tune feature and got all the channels I thought I would except channel 8 in HD. I tried repositioning the antenna but never ended up getting a picture.

Thanks for all the help, couldn't have done it without you guys!!!

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