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Jul 30, 2018
Whitespace,first of all,elizebeth warren, back in 2016 I would have voted for her for president,but now even if I agree to break up google,microsoft and facebook,what I don't agree on is why them three,break up but not all the isp's that are doing the same thing,Comcast,Spectrum,Iltice,etc like the sprint and tmobile,all this combining is for the stockholders,ceo's and the companies,not for the people.
Now whitespace,when they started it,it whas suppose to be for they people,free add supported internet that could get internet any other way.Now I don't like microsoft or google and defintly disagree with them charging for the internet over whitespace but I do see it can be done by whitespace, I know where I live we have 3 broadcasters in reach, we do have suddenlink and altice that charges around 70'dollars for unlimited but thats it.So if microsoft wants to use whitespace off of wdtv,wboy,wvfx I don't see nothing wrong with it. They done proved it works,its the isp's that are all against it. They have their duopoly to think about. Hell if I had the money to do whitespace in my town I would. Now anybody just remember whitespace was suppose to be for free internet and things to all when first approve,now the isp's telco and cable want to steal it for themselves and charge an thru the moon price to you.And with a*(^t pi& they will get their wish,Lets make the fcc live up to their promise and whitespace is stiff for the people.Microsoft,google,Sonic or anybody that wants to give it to the people as long as free,even if add supportted do it.Don't let Pai S*(t get away with it, He and the fcc still work for verizon.

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