Whole Home not working tonight

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Feb 28, 2009
My whole home set up isn't working tonight.

HR24 labeled FAMILY
H25 labeled OFFICE

Tonight when I try to watch a show recorded on FAMILY using OFFICE, it says "This program cannot be played at this time. FAMILY Playlist is already in use.

Any ideas what is wrong?
Go the the HR24 and select LIST; chose a program other than the one you are trying to watch originally. Once that selection starts press STOP. The go back to "normal" live programming and turn that receiver off. Now go to your H25 and try to select your original show again and let us know what happened. Sounds like it got hose in mid-stream on the main box.
It was the middle of the night when you posted. Just checking now for replies. I'll try that now.

Starting and stropping another show on the HR24 did not fix it but your suggestion helped me understand that the problem was on the HR24 not H25. Restarting the the HR24 which I had not tried before fixed the problem.

Thanks for responding.
I have seen that scenario happen when a user turns the power OFF while playing a recording; then the remote units can seem to play from the playlist.
That might have been what I did. Next time I'll stop the playing recording before powering down.

Thank you.
Please reply by conversation.

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