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May 23, 2005
stevenl said:
the analog stbs "smart boxs" are already obsolete they no longer get special channels and we dont replace them only pick them up and last i heard there as < 1000 of then in cirulation mainly old people who dont want to give it up... and yes they will be replaceing the DVR's.... dunno how soon but within the coming months..

Nope...they need the people to bring in the older CFT analog SA boxes (8600 and 8610x) if they wish to continue getting a discount box price. The boxes they will be given instead are very old first generation digital boxes - SA2000 with a remote. This will get them guide and a TV tuner for the analog channels.

The old box controllers are scheduled to be turned off throughout the area in 2nd Quarter which will cause the boxes to go time out and go dead.

And the DVRs are not being replaced. Again, its the older analog CFT boxes and the terms were either confused or misunderstood by the people who gave this information out from the marketing department who were not tech heads.
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