Why youtube sucks. (1 Viewer)

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May 13, 2004
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What kills the music industry is that they require too much $ for their product. Everything else drops in prices, and if anything music has increased. CD's came out, easier to make, cheaper to make, yet prices went up. That was ok in early 90's when CD's were fairly new, but now, there is no reason why I would pay $14-30 for a CD, with 10-19 songs on it, 1) there isn't anything out there that is that good, and even if a album had 1 or 2 good songs on it, why would that justify spending that much money just for 2 songs. 2) music don't interest me enough to spend that kind of money. I won't download illegally either, I'll spend my $.99 on I-tunes or whatever and download it to my computer, burn to CD that cost me $1.00 at worst, and have my $3.00 music.

Record companies, artist, whoever needs to learn, they can't expect everyone to run out and buy their over priced product. And that is why they lose money, of course, illegal downloads are apart of it, but not the biggest part, IMHO.

This goes along with You-Tube as well. Why does it really matter if someone watches and records an old episode of Cops on TV for instance, and shares it on You-Tube. It really don't, but someone didn't get what they thought they should get for a particular show, video, etc. and now they see a new field to harvest.
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Oct 13, 2003
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Heard on the news tonight that a co-op of broadcast and internet giants such as AOL, NBC Fox etc are planning to go into competition with You Tube in a major way. Launch is expected later this summer.
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