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May 18, 2006
I'm having a time finding wild feeds.

When i BS IA5, IA6, IA8, I pretty much don't find anything more.

I have a very few feeds but I don't see the birds "light up" with feeds, say at 6 PM on the Pacific coast (USA).

Do those of you who are old hands at feed hunting have other suggestions? My wife is into the news, we can get ABC News Now but not much else.

I can see from 58 deg W. L. to ~140 W. L. and have a motor on the dish, with a Universal LNBF (set to 10600 for most birds for faster BS.)

Dish 36", LNBF TechSAT Tracker, rcvr is Buzz S2010f (factory firmware).
news feeds start around 4 Eastern for the east coast

I can get a lot at 6 (Central time stuff), 7 (Mountain time zone), 8 (Pacific), 10 (East & Central)...all of these are times from MN
G11 has a few local-news feeds at prime hours (around 6&10pm Central time), complete with people practicing their lines, staring at a camera, flirting with the intern, swearing under their breath, and the usual stuff. There are a few national news show feeds I've seen on here as well, which is pretty fun.

4:2:2 can be found on most any satellite that has other news feeds (Ia 6, G11, AMC 5, etc...) and the same usually goes with HD.
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If you want to see a good documentary on feeds see Spin...you can view it on google video. It's interesting that political campaigns can use them to communicate with other offices....and when one was intercepted gave an advantage to the other.
I don't have a receiver with blindscan, I was able to get feeds from g11 by using all the frequencys and symbol rates from lyngsat. Am I missing stuff that way?
Please reply by conversation.

Is G10 11720 back to lower power?

3500SD Different Types of Scan???

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