WildBlue on Satellite F-2 Is Temporarly Down

Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
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[h=2]Anik F-2 Temporary Outage
Service Estimated to Resume this Evening[/h]
One of WildBlue's satellites, Anik F-2, is currently experiencing technical difficulties. This has resulted in service loss for your customers who are receiving service from this satellite.

During this service interruption, we will also be unable to provision new customers on Anik F-2. We are working diligently to resolve the issue and expect to have service restored by this evening.
Nothing more that you can do.

22,000 miles is a long drive for a service call. :D

I posted the email from WildBlue to DISHRetailer.COM as well. If your a DISHRetailer member and you can't get there through the normal URL just go to DishRetailer Discussion Boards for access. :)
Same old problem, not hardware issue just a programmer!

Satellite anomalies like the one that affected Telesat’s Anik F2 yesterday are
highly unusual. This particular anomaly was the result of a software error
encountered during a routine maneuver which triggered the satellite to place
itself into a safe mode, shutting itself down and pointing itself at the sun to ensure
it remained powered. The software error that led to the anomaly appears to have
been caused by a software update that was recently provided by the satellite
manufacturer. That particular software update was not re-loaded onto the
Could this have an affect of only receiving one HD channel and not the others, up to and including today? My issue is that I am only getting CTV HD and nothing else...I keep getting "acquiring satellite signal" messages, and low readings for signal strength. Anyone else out there still having trouble?

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