Windows Media Center and DVBS

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Oct 12, 2010
In my search for suitable DVB software, I decided to see what the new for Win 7, Media Center can do. First off, WMC sees my TBS8922 PCI card and the Hauppauge ATSC tuner. The ATSC tuner sets up as expected, :) . WMC offers up to 4 sats via DiSEqC 1.0 and also offers TB (22mhz). It also offers custom dual LOF LNB settings. I have a C/Ku setup LOF1 = 5150 / LOF2 = 10750 /SW = 11700. I picked 4 sats for my setup and when scanning I can only get the CBand stuff, it doesn't appear to be turning on the 22mhz tone. Has any of you been here and resolved this problem?

I really like how WMC intergrates the ATSC and DVB tuners and S2 works as well,the picture is fantastic! So far I'm intrigued. This may be useful.
I also loved the integration of the services, but only could get it to reliably switch using DiSEqC. I had two KU band Standard type LNBFs on a single dish and had tried using a 22khz switch with no sucess.

Have you tried setting the LO SW to 4200? Maybe WMC is converting the DL frequency to an IF. Since LOF1 never reaches DL frequency 11700 with LO setting of 5150, the switch does not occur? Just a wild idea.....
Since it offered to select a universal LNB, I was thinking tone would be on when selecting the higher frequencies. But I saw no indication of tone on at all. I'll try experimenting a little more with the LO SW.
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