Winegard 76cm Dish, Dual LNB, DirecTV, 5 Receivers

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Jun 2, 2004
I'm currently looking into getting DirecTV and I would like to hook it up to 3 TVs and 2 VCRs.

I live in Houston, Texas and have an almost totally unobstructed view of the southern sky on my 2'nd floor balcony.
If I had to point the dish at the horizon itself (which I doubt) that is also doable from my rooftop...

I'm not concerned about getting a PVR, Tivo or any Sports, PPV or HDTV channels.

However, I am concerned about the following:
1. Getting enough signal strength to power 5 receivers.
2. Having little or no 'rain fade'. (Anything has to be better than the weekly Time Warner outages that happen in both good weather and bad; lasting for HOURS.)
3. Finding the right Dish.
4. Figuring out the wiring needed and trying to do as much of it myself.
5. Does the Wineguard (76cm) Dish support 2 LNB (if it is the dish that‘ll serve my purposes)?

As #4 above states, to cut down on installation fees, I was thinking of running RG6 cabling as follows:
First, Route 2 cables from the dish (that is outside on the balcony) to "A" (which is just inside the house).
Next, route one cable from "A" to each of the "1's" (total of 2 wires).
Then, route three cables to "3".

This way, all the installer has to do is:
1) Put the junction box (?) at point A, which is conveniently near an AC Outlet.
2) Position the Dish & Install LNBs (?).
3) Place the converters on their respected shelves.
4) Screw in the cables.
5) Plug in the phone wires (I have already laid them out in their respective places.)
6) Activate the service.
7) Answer any questions I may have at that point and give 'The Tour of DirecTV' (?).

I've tried to be as thorough and concise as I could.
Any thoughts, corrections, questions, or advice are greatly appreciated.
You can probably get away with the standard 18" dish your rain fade will be small and the wind resistance will make for a much stabler mounting in an apartment. You list 3 receivers and five cables? Your VCRs can't connect to the satellite dish like they can be connected to a cable line. The signal must be processed through a satellite receiver before it can be displayed on a TV/VCR. You might check with the apartment complex for their rules on installation of satellite systems.
boba said:
The signal must be processed through a satellite receiver before it can be displayed on a TV/VCR.

joethedude said:
1. Getting enough signal strength to power 5 receivers.

I figured as much and already have the $ set aside for 5 DirecTV Recievers. ;)
1 for each TV (3) and 1 for each VCR (2).

The reason why I'm wanting to get the Wineguard (76cm) Dish is because we get rain here frequently, almost year round, and I'd rather be safe than sorry.

I've been looking over the Wineguard (76cm) Dish, and it apparently comes in 3 different models:
DS-2076 - Universal feed support (clamp size 23, 25, 35, 40, 50 mm)*
DS-2077 - D-tube feed support
DS-2078 - RCA style feed support

It would be ideal if I knew which one (If any of the above do) supports the Dual LNB that comes on a standard Dual LNB DirecTV Dish, so when the installer gets here, he could just pop it on the Wineguard and align the dish, again, to save some cash.

If that is not feasible and I must buy a Dual LNB that supports the dish, can someone point me in the right direction?

*I've already ruled that one out.
You won't need 5 receivers for 3 tvs.You can run a receiver into the vcr then into the tv so you can record a show.If you are looking to record something while watching something else look into the TIVO system they offer.Just trying to save you some time and money.4.99 per month for each additional receiver after the first one.That would save you $120.00 per year.
To 2nd Tom's post, you REALLY should reconsider your plan to continue to use VCRs for time shifting. They can't begin to compete with the convenience, features, and usability of a TiVo. Get two Tivos and a standard receiver. You can still dump your recordings from TiVo to a VCR if you have a need to archive to tape, but the added funcionality of a TiVo can't be replaced.
Why tie your self down, I would get the universal Dish, will work with a few different LNB's, and you can get a cheap clamp to add an LNB to the left or right to add another satellite!
DS-2076 - Universal feed support (clamp size 23, 25, 35, 40, 50 mm)*
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