Winegard pinnacle rd-9946

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Oct 27, 2006
Southern Maine
I have my gear for sale on craigslist. Someone asked me if the rd-9946 on his camper would work with the visionsat. I found the manual here:

It appears to be an 18" pizza dish with a motor which aims the dish for you. I've read the dish 500 faq. I know 18" isn't going to do much and neither is the circular lnbf that this thing probably has but it got me wondering. Could you ghetto rig a larger dish onto one of these setups and have it find the sat for you? I've never seen one of these in person so I'm not sure if the idea of strapping a winegard 76 on instead of the 18 incher is ridiculous or not.

Are these still in demand by traveling subscribers? Could the guy sell it and get enough to buy a normal ku motor and dish?
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