Wireless Genie Resolutions Unchecked Issue

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Oct 9, 2018
Starting about a month ago, I have been experiencing a problem with the wireless genies on one of my TVs (TCL). It used to work fine but now whenever I turn on the tv, the Directv resolutions are unchecked expect for 480p. It requires me to go into the Directv display resolution settings and manually recheck 720p and 1080i every time I turn on the TV. It will then work fine while the TV is on, but as soon as I turn the TV off and back on again all the resolutions are unchecked again except 480p. Also, if I reset the receiver it will work after the reset but as soon as I turn off and on the TV again the same issue with occur. I tried both of my wireless genies and the same issue occurred so it is not specific to one box. Has anyone else experienced this and found a solution?
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IIRC this is a bug in the system that hopefully gets fixed soon.
Is this a known issue? When I called technical support, they seemed to have no knowledge of the issue.
It is, but calling a csr and expecting them to have up to date information is a fruitless endeavor.
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i have seen reports that changing hdmi cables fixed it

it is a common problem, but not one that everyone has
I guess I will try buying a different brand hdmi cable and see it if it helps. It is also strange that the issue is only on my TCL TV. On a different brand TV there is no issue.
i would say try updating the tcl firmware, but i would not do that
there is a known issue with tcl firmware that messes up the genie remote control of it
I’m having the similar issues. I have a 4K TCL TV and last week everything was working great but now everything is defaulting to 480p even though that box is not even checked in my resolution settings. And for whatever reason when I go to a SD channel then back to a HD channel everything is squished in a 4:3 ratio. It’s very frustrating.
Different cable will have no effect.
This thought to be a timing problem in the handshake between the diredtv box and the tV. Either the TV is not responding fast enough or the DirecTV box is not waiting long enough. In this case I would suspect the TV since TCL has just updated the firmware.
Doesn’t seem to matter if native is on or off. It’s weird because I have more than one wireless genie and whenever they are hooked up to this TV it’s the same issue, The only boxes that are 1080i and 1080p but when I push info and go to the picture format it says for 480p + original or stretch or whatever but it’s only 480p. It’s frustrating to watch HD but only 480p.
It's thought to be a timing issue on the HDMI handshake with certain TVs. The TV does not respond fast enough so the genie client defaults to 480p. It might also be that the client is too fast but it only seems to happen with certain TVs.
Does your TV have the latest firmware?
Yeah it’s up to date. It worked just fine a few weeks ago.
This really sucks. Any way to force 1080i?
The exit button doesn't work for me. It only works if I have already rechecked the resolutions. Otherwise it won't go back into HD mode. So is this something that Directv should be fixing in a future update?
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