Wiring a new house...need help

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Jan 27, 2004
I'm purchasing a new house and need some help figuring out the wiring for it.

I plan on having a directivo and another standard receiver in the family room and then upgrading to the HD Directivo when it comes out. If I run dual cables to the room, I know it will work for the directivo, but can I simply use a multiswitch inside the house to accomodate both boxes? How would this work when the HD Directivo arrives (how do I incorporate the OTA signal input)?

Any input will be much appreciated. Thank you.
If all you want is content from 101 W/L, then you can run two cables into your home, diplexing your off-air into one of the cables, and seperating again prior to the switch. Both cables would need to go to the switch. The HD TiVo, and/or content from 110 W/L and/or 119 W/L, is a different matter. With HD TiVo, you will want content from 110 and 119. You will also want off-air, as the TiVo includes 2 off air ATSC tuners. You will need a minimum of 3 cables to your boxes, two for HD TiVo, and one for your SD box. A 4th cable is recommended for off-air, however, you can diplex the off-air into one of your sat feeds. If your desire is to connect a switch, and have multi satellite capability, you will need at least 4 cables to the switch, and a highly recommended 5th cable for offair. Your off-air cable will need to be split, and connected to each of the two off-air connections on the back of the HD TiVo.

Good Luck

I agree with Alan; prepare for the future and drop at least 4 cables to each location in the house. Sure makes life a lot easier when you do upgrade, and diplexers are just signal strength robbing PITAs, IMO.

Have fun!
Sounds good...problem is, that I'm getting charged $125/wire!!! That adds up quickly!
If you are being charged $125 per run, it is because of one of the following:
1. It is a very long cable run
2. It is a very difficult cable run (wall fish, lot of crawling or climbing, etc...)
3. You are being taken advantage of

Depending on which you feel it is, you can either get another bid before proceeding, do it yourself, or, if you feel price per run is fair, pay to have done what needs to be done. If you plan for the future, it should be a one time expense.

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