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Jul 16, 2004
:confused: I'm installing quad-shield rg6 cable in a new home that is being built. It would be easiest to run my cable with the electrical wires(holes already drilled by electrition). Will this cause any static or interference problems with the signal? Any input or suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks.
You should avoid running low voltage wiring (coax, cat 5e, etc...) with any higher voltage wiring. Take the time to drill seperate holes. WTT0001 is correct about keeping wires 2" apart, minimum. If they are closer than 2", make sure they cross 90 degrees from each other.
Nice one JohnDoe#2!!

It also very easy to "burn" the romex's jacket when pulling cable through the same hole. Once through that flimsy jacket, the friction could possibly burn through the conductor's jacket as well.
Running parallel will be ok for short distances but try not to cross with a 45 degree angle or better.
ken said:
Running parallel will be ok for short distances but try not to cross with a 45 degree angle or better.

It depends on what you plan to run through the cable. If it is DBS you should be okay. If you are running OTA, you are asking for trouble. Also, if 2 pair POTS wire, or Cat 5e is run for phone, you can pick up an irritating 60 hz hum by running too close to 110V wire.

The point I want to make is this is a NEW CONSTRUCTION! kwt has one chance to run the cable the correct way, and that is prior to the drywall being hung.

When we wire a new home, we run 2 Quad RG6 cables, along with 2 Cat 5e cables, for this very reason. Wire is cheap. Better to run it now, than find out later that you need it but didn't run it.

I guess if you can afford it, then RG11 would be fine....but I have RG6 run through my house and hooked up to my 3 satellite systems, and don't have any problems :)
RG11 cable is expensive, the ends are expensive, and the cable is hard to work with, as it is so thick. It does carry alot of bandwidth. We use it for very long cable runs, especially with Direcway. But it is overkill for your home. The best cable to run in your home is RG6 Quad Shield, with a solid copper center conductor.


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