Would a USLAS Motor Be Easy To Set Up?

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Some dishes, the elevation scale can be off as much as five degrees. So when you hit 25 Quality, try to adjust elevation up or down as well to see if quality improves
Thanks I’ll try to set the LNB Frequency to 10750 and try to set the elevation tomorrow. Also, would my iPhones built in elevation finder work? Thanks and have a good night
Yes, unless the LO is set to 10750 and the TP set to 12152, the satellite will not be found and Signal Quality reading will not be displayed.

Standing in front of the dish, rotate the LNBF in the circular clamp counterclockwise approx 15 degrees.

The Winegard dish is an offset design, so there is no surface on the dish, mount or arm that will provide the elevation angle setting without using math to calculate the offset angle. If you want to use the electronic angle finder or a smart phone digital level, subtract 24 from the satellite elevation (example 38.9 - 24 = 14.9). Place a straight edge on the top to bottom edge of the reflector and use the digital angle finder to tilt back to 14.9 degrees.

Make sure the mast is plumb, then the grey metal straight edge visible to the right of the elevation nut is the elevation pointer. Winegard elevation scales are close to accurate, but could be a few degrees off.
Please reply by conversation.

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